Villa De Leyva is a small colonial village in the department of Boyaca. Early in the morning, children wake up to go to school while adults enjoy their coffee in one of the largest main squares in Colombia – the Plaza Mayor. Narrow streets of uneven cobblestones criss-cross this quiet village. It won’t be easy if you’re a heel fan.

I recommend that you wander through the narrow streets, looking for shady corners, museums, and churches.

During your stay, you can explore the surrounding area on foot, by bike or jeep. There are many interesting sights to visit and beautiful walks.

Villa De Leyva is nestled near the Paramo de Iguaque, at 4 hours from Bogota. With an elevation of above 2 000 m, I suggest you bring a jacket for the evening. The temperatures drop around 10º C.

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👉 You can contact our local partner to visit Villa de Leyva from Bogotá or Paipa


Getting to Villa de Leyva? (+)

From Bogota to Villa de Leyva:

  • Take a bus from the North Terminal. There is a departure every 1 hour. | Reina / Allianza & Flota Valle de Tenza | 4 hours.
  • If you miss it, you can take any bus to Tunja, then catch a bus to Villa de Leyva | 5 hours
  • More information: How to get to Villa de Leyva 

From San Gil to Villa de Leyva:

  1. Take a bus to Tunja | 4 – 5 h
  2. Then a bus to Villa de Leyva | 1 h

Where's the terminal?

The bus terminal of Villa De Leyva is a 5-10min walk from the Plaza Mayor.

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Where to stay in Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is the perfect romantic stop for your Colombia itinerary. Decide to stay in a gorgeous hotel boutique, a luxury SPA Hotel, or a remote hostel. Whatever your choice, you won't need public transportation to move around the town.

  • Casa Beija Flor

    Hostel - $

    Casa Beija Flor

    Hostel to meet and share with other travelers. The hosts are super friendly. Unpretentious rooms.
    Get the best prices
  • Renacer

    Hostel - $$


    Lovely hostel with a great view of the mountains. 20 min walk from the center. Peaceful and beautiful garden. Come here to rest.
    Get the best price
  • L'amonita

    B&B - $$


    Ideal for a comfy and peaceful stay. Beautiful outdoors and wooden decoration. Friendly host.
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  • CasaTzabar

    Hotel - $$


    Spacious, comfortable, and well-decorated rooms. Delicious breakfast. Peaceful. Lovely staff.
    Get the best prices
  • Arcoiris

    Hotel - $$


    15 min away by taxi. Ideal for a romantic stay. Breathtaking views. Spacious rooms.
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  • Antonio Nariño

    Hotel - $$$

    Antonio Nariño

    Beautiful colonial house with a courtyard. In the center. Great value for money. Friendly staff.
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  • Casa Terra

    Boutique hotel - $$$

    Casa Terra

    The best upscale hotel in Villa de Leyva. Great garden, near the center. Fantastic host. Small.
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  • Getsemani

    Hotel & Spa - $$$


    Excellent value for money. Affordable massages and spa. Great food. Near the center.
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  • Duruelo

    Hotel & Spa - $$$


    Enormous hotel with great facilities. 2 delicious restaurants, 3 pools, SPA, massage.
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Things to do in Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a small town with many interesting highlights scattered all around. Therefore, it deserves a lot more than a short day trip from Bogota. Biking is an easy and cheap option to explore the area. Between 2 activities, don't hesitate to look for the best restaurants in the city. Some of them are delicious!

  • History tour

    4 hours | $$

    History tour

    Back in time, Villa de Leya was an important city in Colombia. Learn about its secrets and histories.
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  • Casa Terracota

    2 hours | $

    Casa Terracota

    Big house made of clay that travelers can visit. A short and easy 30 min walk from the center. Fun.
    Learn more
  • Museums

    2 - 3 hours | $


    El Fossil and the Museo Paleontogico hold a little collection of fossils. Learn there why.
    Google Map
  • Ain Karim

    2 hours | $

    Ain Karim

    Winery. Perfect stop for your bike itinerary. A short explanation and good wine. Lovely spot.
    Learn more
  • Santo Ecce Homo

    2 hours | $

    Santo Ecce Homo

    A perfect stop for your bike itinerary. Many fossils and ammonites. Peaceful place.
    Learn more
  • Hoyo la Romera

    5-6 hours | $$

    Hoyo la Romera

    40m rappelling into a giant cave. Then, you have to climb up by a tree. Good feeling.
    We recommend
  • Biking tours

    4 - 8 hours | $$

    Biking tours

    With or without a guide. It's easy and fun to bike around Villa de Leyva. Do it.
    Learn more
  • Raquira

    4 - 5 hours | $


    Raquira is located 1h away from Villa de Leyva by bus. Thousands of cheap handcraft souvenirs.
    Learn more
  • Paramo Iguaque

    6 - 8 hours | $$$

    Paramo Iguaque

    A great 5-6h hike to admire the paramo and the laguna de Iguaque. Lovely sceneries.
    Learn more
  • El Santo

    1 - 2 hours | Free

    El Santo

    Easy 30 min hike from Villa de Leyva. Great view of the town. Better in the morning.
    Google Map
  • La Periquera

    4 - 6 hours | $

    La Periquera

    Ecological park with 2 waterfalls. 40 min away by bus. Guided tour only. Easy hike. 8 am - 5 pm.
    Google Map

More articles about Villa de Leyva

We spent almost 2 weeks in Villa de Leyva and wrote about our travel experiences

Partners we recommend in Villa de Leyva

Some local partners we have met, tested and approved during our stay in the Villa de Leyva.

  • Hotel Spa Getsemani is a perfect pick for your romantic getaway.
  • Renacer is a lovely hostel located on the outskirts of Villa de Leyva.
  • Hotel Casa Terra is a must if you’re looking for an upscale hotel in Villa de Leyva.
  • Ciclotrip is an excellent local agency that organizes biking tours and other day trips.

Where to eat & drink?

For us, good restaurants and exciting nightlife are important when traveling. We gathered our favorite picks on an interactive Map. Download the APP "Mapstr" and look for "Colombia Insider"!

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