Medellín and the Antioquia region have much to offer to travelers. Later on, you will probably consider it one of your favorite regions in Colombia. Rent a car or use the many public transport options (bus, taxi) to get around this mountainous region where you will find beautiful colonial villages, coffee, and fruit farms in abundance and breathtaking scenery.

In this region the climate is pleasant and the inhabitants are particularly friendly and welcoming. The geographical location of Medellín and Antioquia offers many possibilities for your next destination: the Pacific coast, the coffee region, the Caribbean coast, Bogotá, and southern Colombia.

Stay a few days in Medellín to enjoy the friendliness of the Paisas and their passion for football. The “digital nomad” love to stay here for a few months to enjoy the atmosphere of the city, its dynamic and trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants in “El Poblado” or other less known areas of the city.
Don’t hesitate to organize excursions of one or more days to explore areas unknown to the general public such as Horizontes, Paramo del Sol, or Cerro Tusa.

Also don’t forget Guatape to admire the incredible view from “El Peñol” and go through San Carlos, San Rafael or Tamesis to organize fun and exciting water activities such as tubing and canyoning.

Antioquia is full of charming colonial villages that deserve your full attention. Take a bus to Jerico, a small town nestled on top of a lush green hill, then take a Chiva to Jardin, a great combo.

We can’t describe it all, but you will have understood that this region is rich and there are many different possible itineraries.

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Where to travel in Antioquia

We lived in Medellín and traveled through its surroundings for more than 6 months. Find our best tips for exploring each of the destinations below.

Top things to do in Antioquia’s region

Here is a compilation of the best things to do in Medellin and Around:

  • Climb at the top of El Peñol
  • Visit the colonial towns of Guatape and Santa Fe de Antioquia
  • Learn some Spanish 
  • Take some Salsa Classes
  • Enjoy the Medellin Nightlife
  • Sleep in Rio Claro Reserve and Casa En El Aire
  • Camp at El Parque de Los Nubes in Jerico
  • Party in the different districts of Medellin
  • Attend a football game in Medellin
  • Plan a romantic trip to Horizontes
  • Watch Medellin from the Cable car
  • Paragliding above Medellin
  • Hike in El Paramo del Sol
  • Sleep in a Hacienda
  • Eat a trout in Jardin
  • Savor a coffee on the main square in Jerico or Jardin
  • Observe the waterfall Cueva del Esplendor near Jardin
  • Take a Chiva bus and travel within Antioquia
  • Do some canyoning in San Rafael or San Carlos
  • Plan a rafting excursion on Rio Verde
  • Organize an extreme sports weekend in Tamesis


Events in Antioquia’s region

List of the main events in Medellin and Around:

  • May: Porro Music festival in Medellin
  • May: Baum Festival – Electro – in Medellin
  • June: Festival de Tango in Medellin
  • July: Festival Internation de Poesia – Poetry – in Medellin
  • July: Festival Zócalos y Flores, Silletas y colores – Flowers – in Guatape
  • August: Flower Festival in Medellin
  • Octobre: Fiesta de Los Zocalos in Guatape
  • November: Expo Mede Weed  in Medellin
  • December: Christmas lights – Alumbrado – in Medellin

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