Top 8 Best Hotels in Jardín, Antioquia I’ve Reviewed for YOU

Top 8 Best Hotels in Jardín, Antioquia I’ve Reviewed for YOU

This practical guide will help you choose among the best hotels in Jardín, Antioquia.

This charming village in Antioquia, located 3.5 hours from Medellin, attracts more and more tourists every year. Its hotel and gastronomic offer are rather developed.

To help you choose your accommodation in Jardín, I have analyzed all the best hotels on Booking (+9). Moreover, I have visited the majority of them during my 4 stays in this colonial town.

For each category, I have selected the best hotel in Jardín:

Keep reading if you wanna know why I chose them.

The best hotels in Jardín, Antioquia

Besides having exciting explanations about the best hotels in Jardín, you will know how far away they are and what their cancellation policy is.

1# Best upscale hotel in Jardín: Hotel Passiflora

Credit: Passiflora

Passiflora is a pleasant boutique hotel located in a colonial house. The front door opens onto a patio decorated with flowerpots and a fountain. The windows are embellished with detailed woodwork that adds a lot of charm. At the back, Passiflora has arranged a small garden, with some deck chairs and a Jacuzzi! If you want to be pampered during your stay in Jardín, this is the hotel for you.

  • These are the most comfortable rooms in Jardín, with quality mattresses and beautiful furniture.
  • The staff is always smiling and at the disposal of the customers.
  • Their restaurant is delicious. I ate there one night, and I loved it.
  • The small jacuzzi to rest the sore muscles after a busy day of sightseeing.

Price: from 359 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: none | Location: 3 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hotel Boutique

2# Best sustainable hotel in Jardín: Hotel Plantación

Credit: Plantación

Hotel Plantación works hard to offer a quality stay to its clients while minimizing its impact on the planet. Tourism can be very beneficial for a town such as Jardín, but we must also control it. Hotel plantación does not seek to maximize its profitability by lowering its costs and supports social and environmental projects. The result is quite outstanding. If you care about the planet (and have the budget to stay in there), do not hesitate.

  • The rooms are harmonious and built with a method called Bahareque (wood fiber + concrete). It allows the temperature to be regulated naturally — no A/C.
  • Inside Hotel Plantación, there is a delicious vegan restaurant called Consulado Vegetal. 
  • You can book incredible massages.
  • Plantación grows a vegetable garden, and they have replanted a forest of 28,000 square meters.
  • The hotel runs partly on renewable energy, and rainwater is collected for the toilets and the garden.

Price: from 299 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 14 days | Location: 8 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hotel Boutique

3# Best ecolodge in Jardín to rest in nature: Creo Ecolodge

credit: Creo

The owner of Creo Ecolodge is also a nature lover. Located on the dirt road that leads to the waterfall La Escalera, Creo Ecolodge is the ideal Jardín hotel for travelers who disconnect from the modern world. This carefully constructed, two-story wooden house is a peaceful place to interact with people from around the world.

  • Customers should keep noise to a minimum from 22:00 to 07:00.
  • Creo lodge is outside the village, and you can quickly follow the trails to the waterfalls. The hotel proposes some hikes (paying)
  • For Creo Lodge, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All travelers love it, and it’s a great time to share with other people.
  • The objective of the hotel in the long term is to be self-sufficient thanks to permaculture.
  • The landscape around the hotel is beautiful.

Price: from 106 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 7 days | Location: 40 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hostal / Ecolodge

4# Best hotel in Jardín for families: Casa hotel Porton

Credit: Hotel Portón

Would you like to travel with your children and your dog to Jardín? Then Casa Hotel Portón should be of interest to you – especially if you want to save money. The hotel is located on the outskirts of the village, in a quiet area. You can even hear the sounds of the river from your room.

  • A beautiful garden and fields with cows surround Casa Hotel Porton. Children can scramble around.
  • The hotel offers family rooms of 60m2 where up to 8 people can stay.
  • The rooms are clean and the beds comfortable.
  • They accept pets.

Price: from 110 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: none | Location: 10 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hotel

5# Best hostel in Jardín: Sergeant Pepper’s Hostel

Credit: Sgt Pepper’s

Are you traveling alone in Jardín and want to enjoy the village? Then I recommend you Sgt Pepper’s hostel

  • The rooms and dormitories are clean and the prices very attractive. 
  • The hostel could improve the social area. You won’t have a nice place to hang out outside your room.
  • You’re close to the main square, but the street is quiet at night.
  • The breakfast is simple, but it’s free!

Price: from 60 000 COP/1 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | Location: 5 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hostel

6# Best hotel in Jardín for tight budget: 40 amigos

Credit: 40 amigos

Just because your budget is limited doesn’t mean you can’t find a nice hotel in Jardín. 40 Amigos, with its pretty balconies and colorfully painted windows, is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comfortable room at a low price.

  • Close to the village but far away enough not to hear the church bells ringing.
  • Modern and comfy rooms.
  • The breakfast is included and tasty.
  • You’ll pay on-site and can cancel till 1 day in advance.

Price: from 110 000 COP/1 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | Location: 10 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hotel

7# Best B&B hotel in Jardín: Hospedaje Rural La Boira

Credit: La Boira

La Boira is a B&B run by Soley. This sweet lady loves to take care of her guests and give them many tips for visiting the town. If you like talking and staying with locals, you will love this B&B in Jardín.

  • Excellent service with tips and suggestions, including a map with restaurants that serve the best treats in town.
  • The rooms are next to Soley’s house. You feel like part of the family.
  • The view from the rooms is magnificent.
  • Breakfast is delicious and changes every day.
  • Note: Avoid booking the budget room, it is too small.

Price: from 180 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 7 days | Location: 15 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: B&B

8# Hotel with the best view of Jardín: Gulupa Ecolodge

Gulupa Ecolodge is a 2 room hotel located behind El Cristo Rey. It is an ideal place for travelers who want to sleep in a comfortable and romantic place while enjoying a beautiful view of the village.

  • The hotel offers an experience (for a fee) where you can climb on wooden platforms 20m into the trees.
  • Free access to the jacuzzi, with view to Jardín. It works all the time. Perfect for the evening.
  • In the evening, you can make your pizza and eat it on your private terrace.
  • Children under 10 years old are not accepted (for security reasons)

Price: from 330 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: no | Location: 50 min walk or 15 min in tuktuk| Accommodation type: Boutique Hotel

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Map of the best hotels in Jardín, Antioquia

How to pick your hotel in Jardín, Antioquia

Thanks to this section, you should be able to find your hotel in Jardín (if not already done).

I wrote a kick-ass Jardín guide. You should read it too before coming. You’ll find tons of tips, activities, and more!

Learn everything about Jardín

And avoid mistakes made by travelers.

Why do you come to Jardín, Antioquia

→ You know that Jardín is a friendly colonial village and you want to enjoy the cafes and good restaurants. In this case, choose your hotel in town — but a bit far from the main square so that the church bells won’t wake you up. The Plantación Hotel, the Passiflora Hotel, and the Sergeant Pepper’s Hostel are good options.

→ You are more of a nature lover, and you don’t mind not going to Jardín every day. You’ll love Creo EcolodgeStay there if you’re not in a hurry.

→ Would you like to wake up to the sound of birdsong and be able to get to the village quicklyLa Boira or Casa Hotel Porton is the hotel in Jardín you’re looking for.

Find more things to do in Jardín.

What you must know about Jardín, Antioquia

→ Jardín is at an altitude of 1750m. It is chilly in the evening. 

→ Many hotels don’t accept credit cards. You can withdraw at Davienda. If you want to pay with your credit card, stay in the Plantación Hotel, the Passiflora Hotel, or the Sergeant Pepper’s Hostel.

→ The main square of Jardín is full of life, but it is also very noisy. That’s why the hotels on this list are at least a few blocks away.

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

→ You are traveling as a couple and are looking for a comfortable room with professional customer service. Stay at Hotel Plantación or Passiflora.

→ You travel alone and want to meet other travelers. You’ll have better luck at Creo Ecolodge or Sergeant Pepper’s.

→ Do you like to book a massage after a long walk? The gentle hands of Eva at Creo Lodge or the SPA of the Hotel Plantación will be happy to welcome you.

→ You are traveling with several people, and you don’t mind sharing a room. 40 amigos o Casa Hotel Portón offer family rooms.

→ You want accommodation with a swimming pool. I didn’t find a nice hotel in Jardín with a pool. Sorry. In any case, it is rather chilly at the end of the day. You won’t feel like swimming ^^.

→ Another solution would be to pick a hotel in Jardín with a Jacuzzi. Stay in Passiflora.

How to get to Jardín, Antioquia

Most of the travelers will pick Jardín as a multi-day trip from Medellin. Many buses leave from the South Bus terminal. The bus company is Rapido Ochoa. It takes about 3h30, and there are 6 departures per day.

Also, travelers like to stop in Jardín when traveling from Salento to Medellín. It’s a bit complicated at you have to take several buses. Leave early if you want to do it.

How long to stay in Jardín

I like Jardín. In addition to the famous Esplandor waterfall, there are many tours to organize with our local partner.

Choose between their many cultural activities (coffee plantation, beekeeping), observe colorful birds, rappel down waterfalls or organize 1 or multi-day hikes.

I recommend a minimum of 3 days to enjoy Jardín. If you like to book activities to discover new places, then 5 days will be an ideal length! 

How I have chosen the best hotels in Jardín

I have analyzed the hotels in Jardín according to the following criteria:

  • Notes on Booking
  • The reviews
  • Average price per night
  • Number of rooms
  • The location
  • Ambiance
  • The uniqueness of the establishment
  • Comfort
  • The experience of the stay.

The bottom line

Jardín is a pleasant place, with many small cafes and restaurants. If this is your first time visiting a colonial village, I invite you to stay nearby. 

Travelers who value the quality of their accommodation will love Passiflora or Plantación

There are also excellent options for travelers on a budget. If it’s your case, check out Casa Hotel Porton and 40 amigos.

So tell me, which Jardín’s hotel will you choose?

Psst! You didn’t find your happiness? We also stayed in a coffee farm and in the best cabin in Jardín.

Where to travel after Jardín

Antioquia is one of my favorite departments in Colombia. Don’t hesitate to include the following places in your itinerary:

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