12 Best Hotels in Salento, Quindío: Get our Expert Opinion 2024

This practical guide will help you choose among the best hotels in Salento, Quindío.

This colonial village became known because of its proximity to the Valle del Cocora (30 min drive). 

To help you choose suitable accommodation in Salento, I have analyzed all the best hotels on Booking (+9). I’ve also been to Salento 3 times.

For each category, I have selected the best hotel in Salento:

Keep reading to know how I chose them.

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The best hotels in Salento

Besides having exciting explanations about the best hotels in Salento, you will know how far away they are and what their cancellation policy is.

1# Best upscale hotel in Salento: Kawa Mountain Retreat

Credit: Kawa Mountain

Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat is the ideal option for an unforgettable stay in Salento. The mix of modern and rustic architecture is reminiscent of the atmosphere of mountain cottages. Lush vegetation surrounds the hotel, which allows you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing environment.

  • You are in the middle of nature, and yet you are only 5 minutes away from Salento. 
  • The hotel is cleverly designed to enjoy the beautiful landscape from the rooms or social areas.
  • You can warm up by the fireplace or enjoy your private jacuzzi (not in all rooms).
  • The food is delicious and the staff very helpful.
  • Note: The standard Queen Room does not have a view (this is an introductory price). I advise you to choose the other rooms.

Price: from 275 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: none | Location: 5 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hotel Boutique | Free wifi: Yes | Outdoor swimming pool: No | Free private parking: Yes

2# Best medium price hotel in Salento: Terrazas de Salento

Credit: Terrazas de Salento

Terrazas de Salento is a 7 room boutique hotel that is in a quiet area of the town. Its distinct look, surrounded by flowers and green plants, will delight travelers who want to sleep in a comfortable and affordable hotel in Salento.

  • Everyone falls in love with Damary, the lovely owner of this hotel.
  • Solo Traveler can book a small room at a low price.
  • It seems far away, but it is actually in Salento, just a few min walks from the main square.
  • The breakfast is delicious. You’ll have enough energy to roam around all morning.
  • Beautiful hotel architecture and comfortable rooms.

Price: from 212 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 3 days | Location: 6 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hotel Boutique | Free wifi: Yes | Outdoor swimming pool: No | Free private parking: Yes

3# Best apartment to rent with friends in Salento: La Caracola

Credit: La Caracola

La Caracola is a hotel in Salento with 3 rooms on the first floor and a comfortable apartment with two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen on the 2nd floor. It is perfect for friends or two couples traveling together.

  • Each couple has its independence, with its bathroom and bedroom.
  • There is a private terrace to enjoy your morning coffee.
  • You can decide to cook for yourself or order the hotel’s breakfast — or going out.
  • The owners are always available for questions (and they speak English).

Price: from 400 000 COP/6 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | Location: 5 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Aparthotel | Free wifi: Yes | Outdoor swimming pool: No | Free private parking: Yes but that is not a private one. You park on the street.

4# Hotel in Salento with the best view: El Mirador del Cocora

Credit: Mirador del Cocora

El Mirador del Cocora is a hotel in Salento built in the corner of the village, facing the beautiful landscapes of Quindío. Whether it is during breakfast, from a hammock, or while taking your shower, you will be able to appreciate the infinity of the green mountains of the valley.

  • The most beautiful rooms of this hotel have large windows and a terrace with a jacuzzi.
  • You will have a delicious breakfast on the hotel’s terrace in front of the mountains.
  • The rooms have lots of natural light and are comfortable.
  • Note: not all the rooms have a beautiful view of the mountains

Price: from 280 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 5 days | Location: 10 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hotel | Free wifi: Yes | Outdoor swimming pool: No | Free private parking: Yes

5# Best hostel in Salento: Coffee Tree Boutique

Credit: Coffee tree Boutique

Coffee Tree Boutique is a huge house built on 3 floors, with large balconies and huge windows so that everyone can enjoy the view at every moment. This hostel in Salento is unanimous among travelers, offering many social areas to rest and quality rooms.

  • Hot showers that work all day — perfect after a long day hike.
  • Spacious and clean rooms.
  • The hostel offers many tours for you to join a group, including the famous tejo game and horseback riding.
  • There is a lovely garden with hammocks if you want to rest for the morning.
  • The dormitories are for a maximum of 4 people.
  • Note: You can only pay with cash.

Price: from 170 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 3 days | Location: 10 min walk from the main square | Accommodation type: Hostel | Free wifi: Yes | Outdoor swimming pool: No | Free private parking: No

6# Best economical hotel in Salento: Casa Salento

Credit: Casa Salento

Casa Salento is a homely hotel with a nice decoration that gives it a lot of character. The rooms have little natural light and are sometimes noisy (you are in the center). But if you want a nice place to stay for a small price, then this is the hotel in Salento for you.

  • There is free coffee, tea, and water all day long.
  • You can cancel for free the same day (till 6 pm).
  • There are large rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people.
  • The owners are adorable and will give you many tips.

Price: from 88 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 0.5 day | Location: in town | Accommodation type: Hotel | Free wifi: Yes | Outdoor swimming pool: No | Private parking: Yes, but extra cost

The best hotels outside of Salento

In this section, you will find the hotels that are in the middle of nature. Depending on where you’ll stay, you will have a little more trouble organizing your day trip to the Cocora Valley.

7# Best original hotel in Salento: EcoLodge Kasaguadua

Credit: Kasaguadua

EcoLodge Kasaguadua is located in a secluded nature reserve. Allow 15 minutes by jeep and 30 minutes walking to reach these wooden cabins shaped like spaceships. Come to this hotel in Salento to discover the fauna and flora of the Eje Cafetero.

  • The hotel organizes a 2-hour tour to explain the ecosystem of their nature reserve and their ecological approach.
  • Cabins are built with bamboo and recycled plastic. 
  • There are rules to follow in order not to disturb the ecosystem of the reserve.
  • Carlos (the owner) is a dedicated nature lover.
  • There are many trails in the reserve.

Price: from 110 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 2 days | Location: 15 min jeep & 30 min hike from Salento | Accommodation type: Nature Reserve | Free wifi: Yes | Swimming pool: No | Free private parking: No

8# Best cabin in Salento: Gue Guatok

Gue Guatok is a small house of 20m square very well equipped, surrounded by many birds and a river. It is the ideal accommodation in Salento for couples who wish to rest in privacy for a day.

  • Easy to reach, safe, and there are some restaurants and cafes nearby.
  • The owners are not far away and will give you many tips to occupy your day.
  • One of the few accommodations in Salento that accept pets.
  • There is a gas fireplace outside to enjoy the fresh Salento nights better.
  • The setting around the cabin is beautiful (birds, flowers, river)

Price: from 180 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 3 days | Location: 10 min drive from Salento | Accommodation type: Individual cabin | Free wifi: Yes, but don’t work well | Swimming pool: No | Free private parking: Yes

9# Best hotel in Salento for families: Ecohotel Piedemonte

Credit: Ecohotel Piedemonte

Ecohotel Piedemonte is a peaceful place surrounded by nature. Wood is very present in the architecture of the buildings and gives a warm atmosphere. This hotel in Salento will be ideal for families who want to spend a peaceful moment, alternating walks in nature and naps on the terrace.

  • There are 4 accommodation options for groups of 4 to 6 people.
  • The owners have created many spaces in the garden for the children (and parents) to enjoy. 
  • There is a secured parking lot. 
  • The hotel is pet-friendly.
  • You can walk to the waterfalls of Santa Rita.

Price: from 140 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | Location: 10 min walk from Salento | Accommodation type: Ecohotel | Free wifi: Yes | Swimming pool: No | Free private parking: Yes

The best hotels on the way to Valle del Cocora

If this is your first time in Salento, you will probably go to see the giant wax palm. It can be an excellent option to find a hotel on the way to Valle del Cocora.

10# Best hotel in Salento for riding: Reserva Guadalajara 

Credit: Guadalajara

Reserva Guadalajara is a typical farm of the Eje cafetero. Trees, cattle, and horses surround this large house built on one level. If you love animals and want to live a country experience, don’t hesitate to stay at this hotel in Salento.

  • The hotel offers two beautiful horseback rides of 3-4 hours. Be prepared to cross rivers in search of colorful birds and stunning views. 
  • Taste culinary specialties such as the Lomo al trapo.
  • The Finca is located in a quiet place between Salento and Valle de Cocora. It is convenient for getting around.
  • The same family has owned the Finca for over 100 years.

Price: from 230 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 14 days | Location: 10 min drive from Salento | Accommodation type: Typical Finca | Free wifi: Yes | Swimming pool: No | Private parking: No

11# Best hotel near Valle del Cocora: La Cabaña Ecohotel

Credit: Cabaña Ecohotel

La Cabaña Ecohotel comprises two traditional country houses (Cabaña del Monte and Cabaña del Rio), built according to conventional methods (el bareque). The establishment’s character (thanks to its owners) and the beauty of the nearby landscape make it one of the best hotels in Salento.

  • The hosts are lovely, and you quickly feel at home. You will even find extra blankets in your room if you get cold at night.
  • The hotel offers many activities to help you organize your days (horseback riding, excursions to El Valle del Cocora, bird watching).
  • The food is delicious.
  • It’s easy to reach (by car or public transportation), and there is a parking lot.
  • Excellent price for people coming alone.

Price: from 230 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | Location: 10 min drive from Salento | Accommodation type: Eco hotel | Free wifi: Yes | Swimming pool: No | Free Private parking: Yes

12# Best glamping near Valle del Cocora: Glamping Lumbre

Credit: Glamping Lumbre

Glamping Lumbre offers tents and luxury cabins near the Valle del Cocora. Its magical environment, as well as the many activities available, make it a dream place for couples who wish to spend a romantic moment under the stars. It is better to have a high travel budget because it is not cheap.

  • They have a great picnic area, and the bonfire at night enhances the stay.
  • There are several free short hikes around the glamping site.
  • The tents are very well set up, and the bathrooms are luxurious.
  • You can also book many experiences such as a romantic meal, a bici tour, or planting a palm tree.
  • Note: Some guests found the quality of the restaurant average.

Price: from 432 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: No | Location: 2 min drive from Cocora Valley | Accommodation type: Glamping | Free wifi: Yes, but don’t work well | Swimming pool: No | Private parking: Yes

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How to pick your hotel in Salento, Quindío

Thanks to this section, you should be able to find your hotel in Salento — according to specific needs.

  1. Which are the best glamping in Salento?

    Glamping Lumbre and Montaña Glamping are the most famous glamping in Salento. The landscape and the surrounding nature is an essential factor for glamping. That’s why I recommend Glamping Lumbre.

  2. Which are the best eco-hotels in Salento?

    An Eco hotel must make significant efforts to minimize its impact on its environment. I recommend Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat, EcoLodge Kasaguadua (the most eco-friendly), and Ecohotel Piedemonte.

  3. Which hotels in Salento accept pets?

    In our selection of the best hotels in Salento, Gue Guatok, La Cabaña Ecohotel, Ecohotel Piedemonte are pet-friendly.

  4. What are the most luxurious hotels in Salento?

    Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat and Glamping Lumbre offer both high-quality and unique stays.

  5. What are the hotels with Jacuzzi in Salento?

    Hotel El Mirador del Cocora and Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat offer rooms with a jacuzzi. Please note that not all rooms will have a personal Jacuzzi.

  6. What are the budget hotels in Salento?

    First, I advise you to stay in town so that you’ll be able to eat wherever you wish. The hostel Coffee tree Boutique and Casa Salento are two economical places where you can stay in Salento.

  7. What are the best hotels for couples in Salento?

    If you like peace, I recommend the cabin Gue Guatok. It’s an excellent budget option. Romantic and high-budget travelers will love Glamping Lumbre.

  8. Which hotels in Salento to live a rural adventure?

    Reserva Guadalajara & La Cabaña Ecohotel are old fincas transformed into hotel to welcome travelers.

  9. What are the best hotels in Salento to observe the wildlife?

    The choice is quickly made. Head to the nature reserve Kasaguadua.

  10. Which hotels in Salento have parking?

    In town, Terrazas de Salento and Hotel La Caracola have a parking lot.

  11. What are the best hotels in Salento for Solo Traveler?

    You can decide to stay in the Coffee Tree hostel to socialize with other travelers or book a private room in Terrazas de Salento.

What you must know about Salento, Quindío

El Valle de Cocora is located 30 minutes by jeep from Salento. Many jeeps leave from the main square. Choosing to stay in the village of Salento is the easiest way to organize this experience on your own.

→ Salento is at an altitude of 1895m. It is chilly in the evening, especially if you choose your accommodation outside Salento.

→ The internet speed is generally low in Salento. People seem to be satisfied with the internet in Reserva Guadalajara.

Salento is a very touristy destination in Colombia. To avoid the crowds (and the noise), you can choose a hotel located in the vicinity (instead of the center).

How to get to Salento, Quindío

Salento is located in the department of Quindío in the coffee region. There are regular buses from Pereira and Armenia. You can also take a jeep from Filandia.

How long to stay in Salento, Quindío

El Valle del Cocora is a hike that lasts 5-6 hours. I always recommend to my readers to stay several days in a place. In Salento, you can plan a Tejo (Colombian game) night, a horseback ride, a bike tour, or a coffee tour. It is also one of the starting points for trekking in Los Nevados.

Depending on your departure and arrival time, I recommend you to stay at least 2 nights.

Best hotels in Salento: The bottom line

Salento is a tourist destination that offers many excellent accommodation options. If you want to stay in town, the Terrazas de Salento hotel will be a perfect choice. 

Travelers who appreciate peace and comfort will fall in love with Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat.

Finally, stay at La Cabaña Ecohotel to experience the rural culture of the Eje Cafetero.

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