10 Top Colombia Glamping: Learn How to Pick the Best Ones [2024]

The new trendy experience is to do glamping in Colombia.

Every day, great photos invade our Instagram feed, transparent bubbles to admire the stars from your bed, Jacuzzis with breathtaking views, candlelit meals… Sounds wonderful.

Yet there is a catch.

Glamping in Colombia is often expensive.

Pay more to sleep in a tent at the bottom of a garden with a few rose petals and mosquitoes, no thanks.

So, how to choose the ideal glamping?

By reading our Glamping Colombia guide of course!

Thanks to our experience in tourism, we have analyzed the best glamping in Colombia, and we hope to visit as many of them as possible in 2022!

Glamping in Colombia: Our top 3

1. How to choose your glamping in Colombia

On Booking alone, there are more than 174 establishments that offer a glamping experience in Colombia.

And this figure will only increase over the next few years.

The term “Glamping” is a rather vague term used by new hotels, let’s start by defining it precisely.

A# What is Glamping?

No, this is not a glamping experience.

The notion of Glamping is not new. Far from it!

Already in the Middle Ages, kings demanded to sleep in luxurious tents when moving around their kingdoms.

Don’t worry, today you don’t have to be a king to do glamping in Colombia.

Through their glamping experience, travelers simply wish to get closer to nature while maintaining a certain comfort.

There are therefore some essential criteria to take into account before making your reservation.

B# How to evaluate the various glamping in Colombia

Glamping in Colombia evaluation (1)

Glamping (in Colombia or elsewhere) is much more than sleeping in a tent with an inflatable mattress.

It’s an experience in itself.

The best glamping have…

Click on the filters below to learn how to choose the best glamping in Colombia ⬇️⬇️

Easy to access

The beauty of the place

It’s much more enjoyable to try to commune with nature when the environment is pleasant.

Waking up with the sun, then listening to the birds while drinking your coffee is the best way to enjoy your glamping experience.

Before you make your reservation, verify which zone of Colombia the glamping is located in. Is it in the mountains? Is it far enough away from the cities? Are there any nice spots where you can admire the landscape?

Silence is golden

During a glamping experience, you will want to disconnect from outside noise.

You may not realize it, but in our everyday lives, we are surrounded by a constant hubbub.

Take the opportunity to embrace the silence for a few days. Select glamping in Colombia that:

  • Is far from roads and farms. Yes, run away from insomniac roosters!
  • Prohibits loud music and parties.

Be aware that some establishments do not allow pets and minors.

To live happily, let’s live hidden

It is the ideal occasion to strengthen the bonds of love or family.

You don’t go on a glamping trip to meet other people or hit on the girl who is doing her yoga peacefully.

No, you come here to spend a pleasant time with your clan.

Therefore, it is important that:

  • Homes are far away from each other.
  • You can enjoy your privacy. Be careful when you choose to sleep in one of those famous transparent bubbles.

Have a cozy little nest

In glamping, there is the word “camping”, but above all there is the word “glamor”!

It is not necessary to have a jacuzzi and a bottle of champagne to have a good time.

On the other hand, it is important to feel comfortable.

  • Look for glamping with a shaded area to protect you from the sun.
  • The possibility to admire the lightning in the sky while being sheltered.
  • To have enough space to store your belongings and change easily.
  • A good bed and a coffee maker nearby.

Also, remember to choose your room carefully, because there can be a big difference between them.

Don’t be bored while doing glamping

Even if you don’t want to do much during your glamping trip, it’s nice to have a few options to pass the time.

This can mean reading the 7 volumes of Harry Potter, or you can ask at the front desk of your hotel to find out what there is to do in the area.

In any case, choose a glamping with activities nearby.

  • SPA and massages.
  • Hikes departing from the establishment.
  • Kayak and paddle.
  • Bird watching.
  • Cycling.

How to arrive in the glamping

Some glamping in Colombia are not easy to access. Think about it before you realize at the last moment that there is a thirty-minute walk with your suitcase.

  • Do you need to rent a car?
  • Does this glamping have a shuttle service?
  • How is the road?

We used these different evaluation criteria to select the best glamping in Colombia and then group them according to the experience you may look for.

2. Glamping in Colombia to live like a prince

Some glamping companies in Colombia attach great importance to the comfort of their customers.

Everything has been studied so that a couple can share an intimate and unforgettable moment. Usually, you don’t want to come there with your children.

It is an ideal stay for:

  • A honeymoon trip.
  • Celebrating a wedding anniversary.
  • Making amends for insulting the mother-in-law at the last family dinner.

1# Glamping Bosko | Towards Guatape

It is challenging to find glamping in Colombia more romantic and glamorous than Bosko. The 8 “mush-rooms” of the establishment have a magnificent view of the lake. Don’t hesitate to take the paddle or the kayak to venture among the islets of Guatape. The rooms are spacious, and you can have your meals inside the dome or on your private terrace. By the way, room service is free ;). If you come to Bosko for a special occasion, take the opportunity to order a candlelight dinner or a massage for two.

  • The rooms are well spaced.
  • Minors and pets are not accepted.
  • 45 min from the airport of Medellín.
  • The Internet is only available at the entrance.
  • 2 nights are enough to visit Guatape and enjoy the place.
  • Parties are not allowed.
  • The Jacuzzi is only available for the “Mushroom Gold”.
  • The food is good but not exceptional.

2# Glamping Teva Retreat | Towards Santa Elena

The TEVA retreat glamping is the perfect stopover before taking your plane from Medellín. Select one of the 7 bungalows that are scattered among the trees of the property. These houses, built entirely of wood, are very comfortable, and some of them have a private Jacuzzi with a view of the valley. In the evenings, you can sit on your terrace to enjoy the scenery.

  • TEVA retreat is 10 min away from the airport. Even if the place is quiet, you are not in the middle of nature.
  • Take a Uber to come.
  • There is no activity proposed. Stay there one day.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • There are also classic rooms. Select a “glam-type” home.

3. Glamping in Colombia to admire nature

These glamping establishments in Colombia offer accommodations with more attractive price ranges. Comfort is always there, but there are fewer VIP services such as a private Jacuzzi or candlelight dinner.

The rooms blend perfectly into the landscape and it is very easy to go for a walk in the surrounding mountains.

3# Montaña Glamping | Towards Salento

Montaña Glamping is a great place to discover a glamping experience at an affordable price. The tents are small but very well equipped, and you will love waking up facing the hilly landscape of the coffee region. Toilets and showers are separate, but it is not unpleasant to walk barefoot in the cool morning grass. The temperature drops in the evening, so don’t hesitate to warm your hands around the campfire. If you are looking for an even more extraordinary experience, take a look at their “bubble room.” This room is located away from the other tents and has a jacuzzi, shower, and terrace of its own!

  • Montaña Glamping is 1.5km from Salento, or 10 min by cab.
  • They don’t organize any activities, but the staff will be happy to advise you.
  • The tents have no private shower.
  • There is a restaurant, but you can also have meals delivered from Salento.
  • There is no internet.
  • Pets are not allowed.

4# Lumbre Glamping | Towards Valle de Cocora

While Lumbre Glamping is a little more expensive than its neighbor (Montaña), you will be able to wake up close to the Cocora Valley (3km). Since the closest village is 7km away, you will be a bit dependent on the passage of the Willis – the jeeps that regularly commute between Salento and the Valle de Cocora. It will allow you to fully enjoy the surrounding nature (there is even a waterfall) and to snuggle comfortably in your tent in the evening. The site of this glamping in Colombia is magnificent.

  • There are cabins or tents.
  • Small heatings are available for each accommodation.
  • The restaurant is all right, but nothing more.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • The staff can advise you on the different activities.
  • Wifi in common areas.

5# Glamping Nido Verde | Towards Iza

If you are looking for a glamping experience in Colombia that is comfortable and economical, then Nido Verde is a perfect choice. On the other hand, it is necessary to have your vehicle to enjoy the place. The wooden domes of Nido Verde have a magnificent view of the Iza Valley and are perfectly arranged. You can even do your shopping in the village of Iza (a 15-min walk) and then cook yourself a small dish in front of your private fireplace! This glamping doesn’t offer any activity, so don’t hesitate to visit the lake of Tota, the colonial village of Monguí, and the paramó of Oceta!

  • Pets are accepted.
  • No restaurant or bar.
  • Only 2 houses.
  • There is an ascent with steps to access the domes.

6# Glamping La Quinta | Towards Cuítiva

Do your shopping for the barbecue (not forgetting the bottles of wine), then head to La Quinta! This small Colombian glamping place, with its 5 small triangular-shaped huts, has an extraordinary view of Lake Tota. Although there is an option of private transportation from Sogamoso, you should come with your vehicle. La Quinta does not organize activities for its guests, and there is not much to do around the lake. Fortunately, the area is lovely, and you will be able to visit Iza, Monguí, and Paipa. Don’t hesitate to join the campfire at nightfall and order one of the good dishes from the restaurant.

  • No wifi.
  • There is no shelter in the social area in case of rain.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • There is an ascent to access the huts.

7# Glamping Serrania del Viento | Towards Barichara

This Colombian glamping is a little wonder, and it will be the ideal starting point to visit the colonial village of Barichara and the deep canyon of Chicamocha. Serrania del Viento is 1.6km from the town and provides a peaceful and pleasant place to rest between two excursions. The wooden domes and small houses built according to the traditional methods of the region are comfortable and perfectly furnished. Some even have a porch and hammock. If you feel in the mood for socializing, don’t hesitate to head for the common areas. There you will find a swimming pool, hammocks, a restaurant, and a small campfire in the evening. In one word, paradise.

  • You can get to Barichara by bus from San Gil and then walk or take a cab (1.6km) to arrive at the hotel.
  • There are some nice hikes to do in the surrounding area. Ask at the reception if you would like to do some sports activities such as paragliding or rafting.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Wifi in common areas.

4. Glamping in Colombia to do activities

Some travelers can’t stand to do anything. Some Colombia glamping sites are located in such beautiful places that it would be a shame not to benefit from it.

Fortunately, there are glamping sites that offer comfortable accommodation and activities.

So, are you ready to work up a sweat?

8# Glamping Nativo | Towards Barichara

With comfortable tents scattered among the trees, come to Nativo to discover a simple and peaceful glamping experience. Plus, the accommodations are spacious enough for you to share with family and friends. The place is a bit isolated, 4km from Barichara, so I advise you to have your vehicle. Nativo offers many activities such as caving, rafting, or bungee jumping to keep you busy during your days. You won’t get bored!

  • Pets are allowed (extra charge).
  • Use the Waze application to find the glamping if you come by car.

9# Glamping Bajo el Cielo | Towards Guatavita

With an incredible view of Lake Tominé, Bajo el Cielo is without a doubt one of the best glamping spots in Colombia to watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets. In order to enjoy the best of this spectacle, remember to select the domes. These houses are comfortable and have a huge window to admire the landscape. To escape from the heat of the day, the Bajo el Cielo glamping offers activities in the lake (sailing boat, kayak) or hiking in the mountains. Two domes have their own Jacuzzi. Don’t forget to ask for it when you make your reservation!

  • This glamping is recent and they still need to find their bearings to improve the organization.
  • It is cold at night and the small heaters sometimes break down. Also, hot water is sometimes not very hot.
  • The tents do not have private showers.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • There is wifi at the entrance.
  • The glamping is 4km from Guatavita. You can take a cab to get there.

10# Glamping Entre Rios | Towards Calarcá

I saved the best Colombia glamping for the end. Entre Rios combines all the important features for an unforgettable glamping experience. The 5 safari-style tents face two river arms that slalom between the lush green hills of the coffee region. It’s a superb sight, especially from the jacuzzi, with a fresh fruit juice in your hand. One of the peculiarities of Entre Rios is that many activities are included in the price. Take a bike tour to explore the area, bird watching with a guide and improve your fishing skills (in case the planet turns into Walking Dead II).

  • Minors and pets are not allowed.
  • Access is not easy. The easiest way is to take a cab from Armenia.

5. Colombia Glamping by area

You don’t know what to do for the weekend or you want to explore a new region of Colombia?

In both cases, glamping can be the perfect solution!

A# Glamping around Bogotá

Laguna de tota
Laguna de tota

There are many glamping sites around Bogotá, especially in San Francisco and Guatavita.

And, if you don’t mind driving a bit further, don’t hesitate to look for glamping in the Boyacá department. The colonial towns in the area are beautiful and there are many hikes through the páramos.

Glamping towards Guatavita | 1h30 – 2h from Bogotá

Glamping towards Sogamoso (Boyacá) | 3h30 – 4h from Bogotá

B# Glamping around Medellín

Guatape Piedra del Peñol
Guatape – Piedra del Peñol

Antioquia has incredible touristic potential, and I am sure that many glamping sites will appear in the next few years.

Take the opportunity to rest for a few days before continuing your adventure in Colombia.

Glamping towards Guatape | 2h from Medellín

Glamping towards Rionegro | 30 – 45 min from Medellín

C# Glamping around San Gil

Cañón de Chicamocha
Cañón de Chicamocha

Santander is a department of choice for travelers who wish to do extreme activities such as rafting, caving, or paragliding.

Without forgetting that there is the beautiful village of Barichara to visit!

Glamping towards Barichara | 1h from San Gil

D# Glamping in the Coffee region

Buenavista Eje Cafetero
Buenavista – Eje Cafetero

The coffee region has many treasures such as the Nevados National Park, the thermal baths of Saint Vincent, and the village of Buenavista.

Yes, you’ll soon realize that Salento and the Cocora Valley are not the only places around here!

In addition, the roads are in good condition and it is therefore very easy to move between the various tourist sites.

Glamping towards Salento | 40 min from Armenia

Glamping towards Armenia | 20-30 min from the airport

6. Our tips for glamping in Colombia

Questions (1)

Some travelers are disappointed by their glamping experience in Colombia. In 99.9% of the cases, I think they could have avoided this feeling of I-paid-too-much-for-what-it-is.

Read the following tips to best prepare yourself (or simply to decide that glamping in Colombia is not for you).

  • In Colombia, even the best establishments sometimes have no hot water. Don’t hesitate to mention it at the reception desk.
  • You will be in the middle of nature. So there are bound to be insects. Take your mosquito repellent and high socks (they love ankles).
  • Glamping sites are often in the mountains. It is cool/cold in the evening. Take something to cover yourself.
  • On the other hand, it is very hot during the day, so you won’t be able to wake up late in the morning in your tent.
  • Colombia is a tropical country. It’s humid, and you will feel it a lot more in glamping.
  • It isn’t very easy to have the internet. Let go of your phone.
  • Bring comfortable clothes and avoid heels.
  • These are not places to party.
  • As a general rule, Colombia’s glamping sites are in isolated places. It will be easier if you have your vehicle.

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