Where To Stay in Medellin, Colombia (2020): Stop Making Mistakes

Where To Stay in Medellin, Colombia (2020): Stop Making Mistakes
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Where to stay in Medellin? It’s complicated to decide among several districts when you’ve never been there. Some neighborhoods have different points of interest, like bars, restaurants, museums, tours, and others are considered as dangerous. Let’s see together the best places to stay in Medellin.

Best places to stay in Medellin: What you must know

Why Medellin: Medellin is a friendly city with excellent weather (most of the time). It’s an excellent pick for digital nomads and travelers who want to explore Antioquia or the Pacific coast.

Best districts in Medellin: Choose between Envigado, Laureles, and Poblado. Be aware that neighborhoods are huge in Medellin.

Envigado: South of the city. It’s safe and a good pick if you decide to live in Medellin. I don’t recommend it if you stay for a couple of days as it’s far from all the highlights.

Laureles: Center West. It’s my best district to stay in Medellin, as it’s a mix of bars and restaurants without being as touristic and loud as Poblado. Pick your hotel nearby Primer or Segundo Parque

Poblado: Center South. It’s the most famous district in Medellin. There are many good restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and foreigners. It’s a cool place for partying. Don’t pick your hotel next to bars and clubs. I like the areas of Manila and Provenza.

Where to party in Medellin: The best parties are in El Poblado, nearby la 70 (Laureles) or in Barrio Colombia.

Is Medellin safe: Poblado, Envigado and Laureles are considerated as safe. Follow our safety travel tips.

Weather in Medellin: Medellin’s weather is one of the best in Colombia. However, it can rain quite a lot in April – May, and October – November.

Best tours to visit Medellin: There are tons of excellent tours in Medellin.

More information: Read our Medellin Travel guide.

Take a look at our table of contents to get more in-depth information about the aforementioned topics.

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Table of contents: Where to stay in Medellin

  1. What’s Poblado?
  2. Best hostels in Poblado
  3. Best hotel in Poblado
  4. What’s Laureles?
  5. Best hostels in Laureles
  6. Best hotels in Laureles
  7. What’s Envigado?
  8. Best hotel in Envigado
  9. How to pick your district
  10. Start creating your itinerary
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Map Where to stay in Medellin
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The Different Districts Where You Can Stay In Medellin 

#1 Where to stay in El Poblado, Medellin

Explor park in Medellin -E- Fotos593
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Explorer park in Medellin
| Shutterstock: Fotos593

Poblado is the most famous and wealthiest districts in Medellin. Foreigners love to hang out in the cozy cafes and delicious restaurants. At night, trendy clubs open their door to welcome well-known DJs and youth middle and high-class Colombians.

In my opinion, Poblado does not represent the real Colombia. Prices are a lot higher than anywhere else in the city, and there are too many fancy places. Moreover, it’s a little too “perfect.” Colombia’s soul is missing. Also, the metro station is a bit far from the center (20 min walking).

However, the strong presence of the police gives a nice feeling of safety, especially at night. And there are dozens of hostels which attract an import flux of backpackers all year long. It can be a morale booster if you’re feeling homesick.

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Also, you can stay in Patio Bonito. It’s another district, close to the Metro station El Poblado. There are many parks and offices, and the area is a lot quieter than Parque Lleras. Manila and Astorga are two other areas I recommend staying.

Bonus: You’re near the bus terminal (Terminal Del Sur) to travel to Jardin, Jerico, and Tamesis.

#2 Best places to stay in El Poblado, Medellin


Lots of backpackers like to include Medellin in their Colombia itinerary. The majority of the hostels are in El Poblado as we all know that backpackers love to spend their dollars on beers :D.

Our favorite hostels in El Poblado, Medellin

1 - Casa Kiwi (Provenza) - $$ Big (+)

Casa Kiwi is a huge hostel in Medellin situated 20 min away from the Metro station Poblado. There are many facilities and common areas (rooftop, restaurant, pool, hammocks) that make it great if you’re already traveling with a group. However, it could be harder for socializing with other travelers because of its size.

The +++ | Casa Kiwi Hostel

  • Facilities
  • Rooftop
  • Location

The – – – | Casa Kiwi Hostel

  • Private rooms expensive
  • Big hostel
where to stay in Medellin - Casa Kiwi hostel
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One of the many common areas in Casa Kiwi

2 - The Black Sheep (Astorga) - $$ Social (+)

The black sheep is a hostel in Medellin near the metro station El Poblado (10 min) where solo travelers love to hang out to drink a beer and share their meals. It’s a social place without being a party hostel (No bar), and it’s 15 min away from the party streets.

The +++ | The Black Sheep hostel

  • Social vibes
  • Common areas
  • Quiet district
  • Near the subway station

The – – – | The Black Sheep Hostel in Medellin

  • Need a few more toilets
  • No Breakfast
Black sheep Where to stay in Medellin
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The quiet area of the Black Sheep Hostel

3 - Happy Buddha (Lleras) - $$ Party Hostel (+)

Happy Buddha is the most famous hostel in Medellin for travelers who want to party hard before going out. They organize different events like a pub crawl every Wednesday, so you can quickly meet other drunk buddies. However, the staff is not very helpful, and the rooms/dorms need some serious improvement.

Don’t go to Happy Buddha if you look for a quiet and cozy place.

The +++ | Happy Buddha Hostel

  • Social Place
  • Many Parties
  • Bar
  • Good wifi

The – – – | Happy Buddha Hostel

  • Staff unfriendly
  • Gringolandia
  • Noisy
  • Worn down
Where to stay in Medellin Happy buddha
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4 - The Garden Of Blues (Provenza) - $ Cheap (+)

The Garden of Blues is a heaven of peace in Poblado. There is a small courtyard with green plants and bunches. It’s a social place without being a party hostel. Moreover, you don’t hear the “Boum Boum” coming from Parque Lleras. And it’s cheap!

The +++ | The Garden of Blues Hostel

  • Friendly staff
  • Quiet
  • Cheap hostel
  • Clean
Where to stay The Garden of Blues Medellin
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5 - Los Patios (Manila) - $$$ Upscale (+)

The hostel Boutique Los Patios is perfect for travelers who look for an Upscale hostel in Medellin. The facilities are fantastic, superb rooftop bar, and cozy dorms. You’ll have to walk 10-15 min to get to Parque Lleras, but you’re closer to the Metro.

The +++ | Los Patios Hostel in Medellin

  • Friendly staff
  • Location
  • Rooftop bar
  • Facilities

The — | Los Patios Hostel in Medellin

  • More expensive than usual hostels
Los Patios Hostel Where to stay in Medellin
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Best hotels in Poblado, Medellin

With tons of excellent restaurants and bars, you will also find top-notch hotels.

6 - Epic Boutique Hotel (Lleras) - $$ Friendly (+)

Epic Boutique Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel located in front of the Lleras Park (Party/trendy center of Poblado). The friendly vibe and the rooms will make your stay more than pleasant.

The +++ | Epic Boutique Hotel

  • Friendly staff
  • Rooms
  • Location

The – – – | Epic Boutique Hotel

  • Noisy streets
Epic boutique hotel Where to stay in Medellin
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7 - Sites Hotel (Astorga) - $$ rooftop (+)

Sites Hotel is an excellent pick for the people who want to enjoy the Poblado nightlife while sleeping peacefully at night. The thoughtful staff will give you many excellent recommendations. Don’t forget to get to the rooftop to enjoy the swimming pool and the view.

The +++ | Sites Hotel

  • Location
  • Rooftop
  • Friendly staff
  • The view
  • Apartments available
  • Excellent facilities (Spa, jacuzzi, swimming pool)
Sites hotel Medellin
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8 - Cafe hotel (Lleras) - $$ Location (+)

Cafe hotel is near the best bars in El Poblado, but you won’t be bothered by the music. Rooms are spacious and the value for money is excellent for this type of hotel.

The +++ | Cafe hotel

  • Location
  • Spacious rooms
  • Good value for money

The – – – | Cafe hotel

  • The service can be a bit slow
  • Breakfast isn’t great
Cafe Hotel Medellin
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9 - Celestino (Lleras) - $$ Couple (+)

Celestino hotel is located in the middle of the thrilling Medellin’s nightlife. This beautiful hotel is perfectly equipped for young couples who want to have fun at night. Rooms are comfy and designed in a romantic modern way – showers are transparent.

The +++ | Celestino Boutique hotel

  • Decoration
  • Near the bars
  • Excellent staff
  • Comfy rooms

The – – – | Celestino Boutique hotel

  • No natural light at the first floors
  • Loud at night
Celestino Boutique Medellin
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9 - Patio del mundo (Provenza) - $$$ hidden (+)

Patio del Mundo is a little paradise hidden among the quiet streets of La Provenza. This lovely hotel boutique, with only 7 rooms, is a must for people who want to explore Medellin in the best conditions. Rooms are spacious, personalized, and super comfy. Also, the lush vegetation in the garden will make you forget that you’re in the city. Don’t forget to look for the jacuzzi!

The +++ | Patio del Mundo Boutique hotel

  • Top-notch bedrooms
  • Hospitality
  • Lush garden
  • Jacuzzi
  • Decoration
  • Near the best restaurant
  • Quiet
Patio Del Mundo à Medellin
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10 - The Charlee Hotel - $$$$ Luxury (+)

The Charlee hotel is probably the best hotel in Medellin, located on Parque Lleras square. Everything will be perfect during your stay: Awesome beds, jacuzzi, a rooftop bar with an amazing view, restaurants, friendly staff. It’s quite expensive, but it’s worth it if you look for an unforgettable stay in Medellin.

The +++ | The Charlee Hotel in Medellin

  • Location
  • Rooftop bar and restaurant
  • Staff
  • Services
The Charlee Hotel Medellín
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#3 Where to stay in Laureles, Medellin

Medellin Stadium - Credit SL-Photography/ Shutterstock
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Medellin Stadium | Credit SL-Photography / Shutterstock

Maybe you don’t like to be surrounded by gringos and bakeries offering French “Pain Au Chocolat.” Fortunately, there is more than one trendy district where to stay in Medellin.

Laureles is one of them.

Once you get out of the Metro Station El Estadio, you quickly feel the real Colombia vibe. Streets are less organized, and restaurants are offering menu del Dia (Menu of the day) for 3 $.

Also, Laureles is THE district if you want to party like a local. Forget the techno music. You will move your hips on romantic Bachata and Salsa songs. Or twerk on Reggaeton.

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In each big city, the district party is called the Zona Rosa. In Medellin, the Zona Rosa is located on the Setenta avenue (70). There are many bars to drink with friends, giant speakers to feel the music beats and prices are a lot cheaper than in Poblado.

In my opinion, if you look for an authentic district where to stay in Medellin, you should think about Laureles.

Laureles is a vast neighborhood. I recommend staying nearby Primer and Segundo Parque.

Bonus: You’re near the bus terminal to take buses in the direction of Guatape, San Rafael, and San Carlos.

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# 4 Best places to stay in Laureles, Medellin

Right now, there are not so many housing options in Laureles as travelers still prefer staying in Poblado. Fortunately, we discover more and more excellent hotels and hostels each year.

Our favorite hostels in Laureles

1 - Wandering Paisa (la 70) - $ Social (+)

I fell in love with Wondering Paisa the first time I came here. It’s located 10 min away from the metro station and only a few meters from the 70th street. Inside, hammocks, big kitchen, courtyard, living room, and a bar are perfect for socializing with other travelers. Moreover, they organize social events almost every night (Salsa, local students…). It’s THE perfect hostel for solo travelers in Medellin.

The +++ | Wandering Paisa Hostel

  • Social
  • Cheap hostel
  • Location
  • Social Events

The – – -| Wandering Paisa Hostel

  • Not a lot of space in the dorms
Wandering Paisa Where to stay in Medelllin
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2 - Casa Cliché (Segundo Parque) - $ Homey (+)

Casa Cliché is my favorite hostel in Medellin. The staff is fantastic and the homey atmosphere makes you stay forever. I’m fond of the vintage decoration and the lovely backyard. Besides, the district around Casa Cliché is ideal, and you’re next to their delicious restaurant – Cafe cliché.

The +++ | Casa Cliché Hostel

  • Friendly vibe
  • Vintage furniture
  • Ideal location
  • Homey feeling
  • Peaceful
  • Affordable

The – – – | Casa Cliché Hostel

  • Only 2 bedrooms (without private bathroom)
Casa Cliché Medellin
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Our favorite hotels in Laureles

3 - Pomarosa (Primer Parque) - $ Cheap (+)

Pomarosa is the ideal hotel if you’re traveling on a shoestring budget. The rooms are unpretentious, but clean and functional. You’re near to la 70 and you can easily go out to have a drink.

The +++ | Pomarosa hotel

  • Cheap
  • Location
  • Clean

The – – – | Pomarosa hotel

  • Bedrooms without natural lights
  • Bad soundproofing
  • Save

4 - Obo (La 70) - $$ Modern (+)

Obo Hotel is close to la 70, but you won’t be bothered by the music. This modern hotel offers cool facilities such as jacuzzi and fitness equipment on the rooftop. There are two excellent Salsa bars nearby: El Tibiri and Son Havana.

The +++ | Obo hotel

  • Massive and comfy beds
  • Perfect for going out
  • Jacuzzi
  • Modern

The – – – | Obo hotel

  • Breakfast isn’t great
  • Save

5 - JG (La 70) - $$ Apartment (+)

Jorge is an excellent host who rents various furnished apartments next to la 70. There is a bunch of lovely cafes on the same street. These apartments are the perfect option if you want to experience Laureles’s daily life.

The +++ | JG Apartment

  • Furnished apartment
  • Great host
  • Lovely cafes
  • Well-equipped

The – – – | JG Apartment

  • A bit loud on the weekend
JG Apartment Medellin
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#5 Where to stay in Envigado, Medellin

Envigado is a town in the department of Antioquia. With the extension and growth of Medellín it tends to be assimilated to one of its neighbourhoods, which is not true. Backpackers and travelers don’t go there because you are rather far from all the tourist attractions and nightclubs.

However, Envigado has got the character of the small towns of Antioquia and seduces many ex-pats looking for a peaceful and safe area. Lots of money are invested in public transports and services, upscale buildings and renovations. As a result, demographic growth is exploding.

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There are many tasty restaurants and fun nightlife. Moreover, Envigado is close to Sabaneta, another hotspot for partying.

#6 Best places to stay in Envigado

They’re not many housing options in Envigado – It was forbidden to open hotels!

Our favorite hotel in Envigado

1 - Arame - $$ New (+)

Arame is the best hotel you will find in Envigado. Modern and comfy rooms. The staff is friendly and helpful. It’s an excellent pick if you won’t want to deal with the chaos of big cities.

The + + + | Arame hotel

  • Modern
  • Spacious room
  • Friendly staff
  • Location
  • Clean
Arame hotel Medellin
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Where to stay in Medellin according to your expectations

To find your best place to stay in Medellin will depend on your travel personality, your expectations, and your next destinations.

Get ideas: Our kick-ass turnkey Colombia itineraries

Let’s find out your various options


#1 Best place stay in Medellin if you want to learn Spanish

I recommend Laureles or Envigado (+)

Learning another language is one of the best memories you could bring back home. It’s not simple, it takes a lot of time and energy, but the reward is fantastic and timeless.

Many travelers decide to choose Medellin to start learning Spanish. Paisas speak clearly, without any particular accent. Furthermore, they are curious and ask lots of questions. It’s perfect for practicing after your Spanish Classes.

This is why I wouldn’t recommend Poblado (too many foreigners).

There are some excellent Spanish schools in Envigado and Laureles, like Colombia Immersion. I would have a slight preference for Laureles as it’s cheaper and closer to the tourist attractions.

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles and Envigado.

#2 You want to visit many tourist attractions

I recommend Laureles (+)

You won’t do much in two or three days. It is better if you are close to the different things to do in Medellín.

In 2 days, you easily could:

I would choose Laureles. It is near the different tourist attractions and the metro station.

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles.

Cable Car Medellin
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#3 If you’re a digital nomad who misses home.

I recommend Manila in El Poblado (+)

Long-term travel can be exhausting. Sometimes, it’s nice to just rest in a cozy place, without doing nothing.

If you’re tired of traveling and want some rest, I would advise you to stay in Poblado, especially in Manila. The district will remind you home, and you can alternate between trendy cafes, healthy foods, and naps in the parks.

See the hostels and hotels in Poblado.

#4 You want to party hard

I recommend El Poblado (+)

First, if you’re going to party hard, you should think about staying a few days in Bogota. There are many underground techno parties. You will love it – if you know where to go out.

In Medellin, all the clubs closed at 4. am.

If you want to party with locals on reggaeton, salsa, and bachata music, you have to stay in Laureles or Belen. There are many bars and clubs on the 33rd and 70th street.

If you can’t deal with Latin music anymore, you should stick around El Poblado.

See the hostels and hotels in Poblado.

#5 You travel on a shoestring budget

I recommend Laureles or La Floresta (+)

If you travel on a shoestring, you have to avoid Envigado and El Poblado. The best is to stay in Laureles because:

  • There are cheap restaurants
  • You can use the Metro
  • Bars are cheap

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles.

#6 If you’re a digital nomad who wants a local life

I recommend Laureles or Envigado (+)

There are different options for you.

If you’re in love with Colombia, you won’t appreciate El Poblado. It’s too much Western-style, and you won’t feel the Colombia vibe.

But you need to get high-speed internet. Fortunately, Medellin has the optical fiber, so you shouldn’t be too hard to find a correct place around Laureles.

And if you look for a peaceful stay, I would recommend Envigado.

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles and Envigado.

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Where to stay in medellin
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Where to stay in medellin
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Where to stay in Medellin
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