The 8 Best Palomino Hostels and Hotels in Colombia 🌴

Within a few years, the popularity of this coastal village skyrocketed and hotels and hostels sprang up all over Palomino.

The flip-flop and open-flower shirt style is still predominant, but the backpacker must now make way for another type of traveler, the one with suitcases on wheels.

Indeed, the village of Palomino is going upscale, and there is now a mix of charming hostels and comfortable boutique hotels.

Depending on your desires and expectations, the area to find your ideal accommodation will be different. There’s not much to do in Palomino, so it’s important to choose the right hotel!

How to make your stay at Palomino a success? We tell you everything in this article!

Where to stay in Palomino: What you must know

Where is Palomino: This village on the Caribbean coast is located between Tayrona Park and Riohacha.

How to get to Palomino: Just take a bus to Riohacha from Santa Marta. Departure from the bus terminal or the Mercado Municipal. Allow 2 hours.

Safety: There is no danger in visiting Palomino.

Palomino beach: It is narrow ( occasionally non-existent), and there are a lot of currents. It is difficult, sometimes even impossible, to swim there. Yes, there are mosquitoes and sandflies.

Weather in Palomino: The sea is calmer in September and February. The most pleasant months are from December to March. The rainiest months are May, October, and November.

Sleeping areas at Palomino:

  • The village: It is 15-20 min from the beach. You are close to nice bars and restaurants.
  • The road to the beach: There are many hostels and travelers.
  • Secluded along the beach: A quiet area with a few boutique hotels.

My favorite hostel: Finca Escondida (Nearby the beach)

My favorite hotel: Casa Chapolin (path going to the beach)

My favorite boutique hotel: Aite (Secluded along the beach)

How many days to stay: Apart from tubing, there is not much to do. One or two nights are enough.

Internet: Very poor.

My favourite recommendations:

  • Since the sea is often rough, it is more enjoyable to have a swimming pool in the establishment.
  • There is no ATM.

Hotels and hostel in the village of Palomino

By choosing your hotel in the village of Palomino, you have the advantage of being close to the few good restaurants and bars in the area. The best spot for a drink is at the intersection of Calle 3a and Carrera 6a. Try to find a place slightly away from Carrera 6a. This area is a bit noisier in the evening (especially at weekends).

This option is ideal for saving money. The establishments have a better value for money, and you will be more tempted to eat out.

The only downside, the beach is 20 minutes away, and when it’s hot, 20 minutes is loooong.

$ – Hostel Coco Sankala Palomino – Cheap

Coco Sankala hostel is a paradise for small budgets. There is a small garden with a dozen hammocks to rest when the heat is too oppressive. The hostel is built in bamboo, and this gives a certain charm to the rooms and dorms. The hostel is not a party place. You will have to go out for a drink or a meal (if you don’t want to cook). It feels great, and Ophelia does her best to make your stay enjoyable. The only drawback is that there is no swimming pool.


Perfect for small budgets


$$ – Villa Eden Palomino – Value for money

Hotel Villa Eden in Palomino is an ideal choice for couples who want to rest for 1 or 2 nights before continuing their adventure. The building is very well arranged, with rooms of a refined design surrounding a small swimming pool. Perfect for cooling off during the day. Don’t forget to savor one of their delicious breakfasts before going on a stroll.


The perfect value for money


$$ – Tribe Guesthouse Palomino – Caring

For the Tribe Hotel in Palomino, the education of children is a subject that is close to their hearts. And they’re not wrong! It is the new generation that is the most inclined to evolve and improve. This small haven of peace is both elegant and simple, built around a lush garden, and in the rooms, the beds swing! There is no air-conditioning, but the swimming pool is more than enough to cool down. Feel free to sit for a moment in the hammock hanging over the pool to chat with Alejandro and Ivonne, the owners, to learn more about Colombian culture and history.


Lovely owners


Where to stay on the way to the beach

You can’t miss it! This road is flanked by all kinds of accommodation and restaurants. I’m talking about the famous Carrera 6a.

It’s up to you to decide whether you’d rather be by the beach or stay close to the city center. The vast majority of establishments close to the sea offer a restaurant and bar service so you don’t have to walk around (and consume more).

You need to have a higher travel budget to be able to take full advantage of it. Cocktails with a slice of pineapple and a small umbrella cost more than a national beer.

Even if some hotels are very nice, don’t count on sleeping in luxury accommodation without any grain of sand on the floor. Lower your expectations. You’re on the Caribbean coast.

$$ – Casa de Guadua Palomino – Bamboo everywhere

Casa de Guadua is a hotel a little off the road, surrounded by a large garden and cheerful whistling birds. The building and part of the furniture are made entirely of bamboo. The result is both beautiful and restful (even if the soundproofing is not the best). The design of the rooms is simple but functional. Pass your way if you are looking for a hostel with a swimming pool, music, and cocktails. Here, nobody will interfere with your daily nap in a hammock.


A hotel made of bamboo!


$$ – Casa Chapolin Palomino – a healthy stay

Situated on the beach, Casa Chapolin is THE small, friendly hotel that thinks about the well-being of its guests and the planet. No, there is no air conditioning. However, there is a delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast. It’s much nicer than waking up with a hoarse throat. Choose between a small wooden hut or a spacious room with a sea view. In both cases, you are granted your own personal Chinchorro. They’re from La Guajira, we’re talking about the Rolls-Royce from the hammock. Don’t forget to get out of it from time to time to take a surfing course organized by the hotel or go for a ride in the Sierra Nevada.


A healthy and pleasant stay


$$ – Finca Escondida Palomino – Toes in the ocean

With a mix of backpackers, families and young couples, the Finca Escondida de Palomino doesn’t really have a label. It’s true that the property is quite large and there’s not that intimate side of boutique hotels. On the other hand, if you are looking for a place where everything is within easy reach, then you will be delighted. The swimming pool, sun loungers, cocktails, and the delicious restaurant make it easy to stay busy when the sea is in a bad mood. You can even hear the waves crashing on the coastal part of the property. Finca Escondida is a social place with occasional musical events, so it might not be ideal if you are looking for a quiet place.


To meet other travelers


The boutique hotels in Palomino

Where to stay in Palomino

If you’re looking for peace and comfort, then you’ll have to move a little further to the east side of Palomino beach.

You can get there by moto-taxi from the center of Palomino for 3,000 cop, or walk 20-30 min.

You will find smaller hotels with comfortable rooms and more personalized customer service. On the other hand, the price-quality ratio is generally a little less good than in other parts of Colombia. You are paying for the location and popularity of Palomino.

If your only wish is to find an upscale hotel by the beach, then I advise you to have a look at our article on hotels near Tayrona Park. There are more choices!

$$$ – Hôtel Makao Palomino – Small Committee

For the Makao Hotel, being few in a comfortable place is very important. This goal is largely achieved, especially if you choose one of the rooms with a balcony on the second floor. The building has modern architecture with many wooden elements such as the staircase and platform leading to the rooms. A narrow alley of fine sand, sheltered by palm trees, leads to the beach. The few tables laid out in the sand make it possible to taste the good small dishes that come out of the kitchen. The only thing missing is a small communal area with hammocks and a swimming pool.


Only a few rooms


$$$$ – Aite hotel Palomino – Rest & Quietness

The prices of the Hotel Aite in Palomino are a little high for Colombia. However, you won’t find any better around here. In any case, the setting of the property is so pleasant that you will soon forget your wallet. Splendid little houses are scattered over a wide area, surrounded by palm trees, swimming pools, and colorful deckchairs. Each guest has his own small terrace, with a hammock to listen to the sound of the waves. There is no one around, so you won’t have to listen to the poetic boom-boom of the bars in the village (or the neighbor’s). With such an attractive place, a top-notch staff, and delicious food, you hesitate to go back to the real world. You’ll probably drag your feet to leave.


Palomino’s little paradise


What to do in Palomino?

👉 By the way, I wrote a kick-ass Palomino guide. You should read it too before coming. You’ll find tons of tips, activities, and more!

Well, not much on site but some activities in the surroundings.

The main activity is tubing. In short, going down a beautiful river with your bum resting on a buoy. It’s easy, pleasant, inexpensive, and without risk.

Feel free to do so if you feel like it. By the way, remember to wear sunscreen before you go and keep your shirt on during the activity 😉

There is also an exciting cultural activity starting from Palomino. Indeed, you have the possibility to spend two days in an Arhuaco community in the middle of the Sierra Nevada.

Usually, you come to Palomino to meet other travelers and drink cocktails on the beach during the day. If you are looking for an authentic experience with few tourists, you will probably be disappointed. If this is the case, I invite you to discover Dibulla instead of Palomino, you might be delighted with the trip.

You are also close to the Guajira desert and the Wayuu culture. You can book a tour from Palomino. Alternatively, you can also travel to Riohacha on your own and organize this tour with a local agency directly on site.

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