Top 14 Best Hotels in Cartagena: How to Choose your Favorite

It is not easy to choose among the best hotels in Cartagena. Some are expensive. Others are located in noisy alleys.

Don’t worry. I’m here to help you make the right decision.

I have been to Cartagena 4 times and have reviewed all the 9+ rated hotels on Booking.

I have chosen one winner per neighborhood: Casa San Agustin (Walled City) and Casa Isabel (Getsemaní). 

These two hotels are a good balance between a quality stay and reasonable prices (for Cartagena).

I have classified the best hotels in Cartagena into different categories. 

Let’s get started!


Casa del Coliseo

Casa del Coliseo

  • From 950,000 COP/2 pers
  • 1 day cancellation
  • Walled city


Casa Isabel

Casa Isabel

  • From 370,000 COP/2 pers
  • 1 day cancellation
  • Getsemaní


Casa San Agustin Cartagena

Casa San Agustín

  • From 1,170,000 COP/2 pers
  • 3 days cancellation
  • Walled city

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Best Hotels in Getsemaní

Getsemaní is a neighborhood located 10-15 minutes’ walk from the historic walled city center. There are fewer luxury hotels, but you will find accommodations with good value for money.

1# My favorite hotel in Getsemaní: Casa Isabel

Credit: Casa Isabel

10/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Casa Isabel is a small boutique hotel located on a quiet street in Getsemaní. The friendliness of the staff and the views of the bay make it one of the best hotels in Cartagena.

  • Good rates for Cartagena.
  • Excellent view from the rooftop.
  • Quality and personalized service (Only a few rooms).
  • Delicious breakfasts.
  • Missing a swimming pool.

Price: from 370 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | District: Getsemaní | Type of accommodation: Hotel Boutique | Swimming pool : no

2# Best hotel with swimming pool in Getsemaní: Casa Relax

Credit: Casa Relax

8.9/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Located on a nice street in Getsemaní, Casa Relax will be perfect for you if you like to hang out by the pool at the end of the day. Or in the morning to wake you up. This is one of the most economical hotels in our selection.

  • A long pool of 2 m deep.
  • Four people can sleep in one room. Perfect for a family.
  • The rooms are simple but comfortable.
  • Excellent value for money.

Price: From 220 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 2 days | District: Getsemaní | Type of accommodation: Hotel | Swimming pool : Yes, outdoor pool

3# Best modern boutique hotel in Getsemaní: Posada La Fe

Credit: Posada La Fe

8.9/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Posada La Fe is a 7-room hotel that was renovated in 2016. The rooms are both comfortable and well designed. By staying here, you will have the convenience of boutique hotels while being close to the tourist sites.

  • Terrace with a small pool.
  • Clean, comfortable rooms with contemporary decor.
  • Charming and attentive staff.
  • Excellent value for money.

Price: from 290 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | District: Getsemaní | Type of accommodation: Boutique hotel | Swimming pool : Yes, rooftop pool


4# Best hotels for groups in Getsemaní: La Casa Marqués del Pedregal

8.8/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Planning a group trip? Book a whole house instead of renting several rooms in a hotel. Casa Marqués del Pedregal has 6 rooms for up to 14 people.

  • Quiet street in Getsemaní and close to bars/restaurants. 
  • The hosts are friendly and will give you good advice.
  • House of 240 square meters with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
  • Terrace with a small pool and a barbecue. Ideal for a drink at the end of the day.

Price: From 1 350 000 COP (10 pers) | Cancellation Policy: 60 days | District: Getsemaní | Type of accommodation: Entire home | Swimming pool : Yes, a small rooftop pool

5# Best budget hotel in Getsemaní: Casa de Las Américas

Credit: Las Américas

8.1/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

It’s not so easy to find good budget hotels in Getsemani. And so, you won’t get better than La Casa de las Americas if you look for a low-cost, air-conditioned double room. The hotel is modest, but that’s all you need if you want to spend your days exploring Cartagena.

  • Excellent attention from the hosts.
  • Breakfast is included.
  • Small room with a comfortable bed and air conditioning.
  • Lack of natural light.

Price: From 122 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 2 days | District: Getsemaní | Type of accommodation: Hotel | Swimming pool : no

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The best hotels in Cartagena: the walled city

The most luxurious hotels are in the historic center (walled city). They are concealed among the old colonial houses with colorful facades. Price ranges are wide. Knowing which accommodations are worth spending the night in can be difficult.

Read on to avoid making mistakes.

6# My favorite hotel in the walled city: Casa Mantilla 3-37

Credit: Casa Mantilla

9.7/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Nothing better than staying in a small colonial house to soak up the atmosphere of the Caribbean coast and Cartagena. The meticulous decoration and architecture of Casa Mantilla will take you back in time. You won’t want to go back to reality. 

  • Only 3 rooms.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Bright and comfortable rooms (with hammock).
  • Special attention from the host.

Price: From 420 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | District: Walled city | Type of accommodation: Hotel boutique | Swimming pool : yes, outdoor pool

7# Best luxury hotel in the walled city: Casa San Agustín

Credit: Hotel Casa San Agustin

9.6/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Casa San Agustin should be your first choice if you want to have an extraordinary experience. From the moment you enter the property, the beauty of the buildings, with its high-ceilinged rooms and swimming pool that runs through the inner courtyard, draws you in. Are you ready to live a fairy tale?

  • The building is an old colonial mansion.
  • The staff is very well trained and always available.
  • The SPA and pool facilities are excellent.
  • The restaurant is delicious.
  • The rooftop bar is great especially at the end of the day

Price: From 1 170 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 3 days | District: Walled city | Type of accommodation: Luxury hotel | Swimming pool : yes, outdoor pool

8# Best luxury hotel with swimming pool in Cartagena: Bastión Luxury Hotel

Credit: Bastión

9.3/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Bastion is also one of the best hotels in Cartagena. Its architecture is more classical, but the services it offers are of high quality. Its strong point? The incredible view from the rooftop, your feet in the pool with a tasty cocktail.

  • Luxury hotel with more attractive prices.
  • A well-equipped rooftop bar with a swimming pool and sun loungers.
  • An incredible view over the colonial houses of the walled city.
  • In the Bastion luxury hotel there are 3 restaurants and highly qualified staff.

Price: From 720 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 3 days | District: Walled city | Type of lodging: Luxury hotels | Swimming pool : Yes, a rooftop pool

9# Best luxury hotel for a good night’s sleep in Cartagena: Casa del Coliseo

Credit: Casa del Coliseo

9.2/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

The historic downtown area is noisy. It won’t be easy to find soundproof luxury hotels in Cartagena. In particular, if you want to sleep in a beautiful colonial building. Fortunately, the magnificent boutique hotel Casa del Coliseo has all the necessary qualities for a quiet stay.

  • Colonial building from the 17th century that has preserved all its old charm.
  • Only 12 rooms and attentive staff.
  • The wooden shutters and cloth curtains leave the room completely dark.
  • The beds are very comfortable.

Price: From 950 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | District: Walled City | Type of accommodation: Luxury Boutique Hotel | Swimming pool : Yes, a rooftop pool

10# Hotel in Cartagena with the best colonial charm of the architecture: Casa Pombo

Credit: Casa Pombo

9.1/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

The historic center of Cartagena is one of the best well-preserved places in Colombia. That is why the atmosphere is so romantic. Casa Pombo is one of the oldest houses in the city. Its vast rooms supported by stone arches are mesmerizing.

  • The foundations of the building date back to 1553.
  • The rooms are spacious and the sobriety of the decoration blends perfectly with the colonial atmosphere of the building.
  • Beautiful central courtyard with a tree surrounded by water and several stone arches.
  • The house belonged to important families of Cartagena, among them the war hero Don Manuel de Anguiano.

Price: From 600 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: NO | District: Walled City | Type of accommodation: Luxury hotel | Swimming pool : Yes, an outdoor pool on the first floor and a rooftop pool

11# Best quality/price hotel in the walled city : Casa La Cartujita

Credit: Casa La Cartujita

9.0/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

With only 7 rooms, Casa la Cartujita is the perfect boutique hotel option for travelers who want to plan a luxurious stay without breaking the bank. This former convent turned boutique hotel is located on one of my favorite streets in Cartagena.

  • Excellent value for money.
  • A staff that takes care of every guest
  • 3 delicious breakfast options.
  • They will help you organize your stay in Cartagena.

Price: From 460 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | District: Walled City | Type of accommodation: Luxury boutique hotel | Swimming pool : Yes, a small outdoor pool on the first floor and a small rooftop pool

12# Best hostel in Cartagena : The Clock Hostel

Credit: The Clock Hostel

8.6/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Hostels are a great way to save money and meet other travelers. Hostel Clock offers capsule-style dorms so you can have your privacy while sharing your room with other people.

  • Well-designed dorms, with everything you need: curtains, sockets, bedside lamps, air conditioning.
  • A pleasant atmosphere that perfectly matches the decoration of the building.
  • Dorm for couples (with double bed).
  • Two bars and a kitchen are at guests’ disposal.

Price: From 50 000 COP/pers | Cancellation Policy: 5 days | District: Walled city | Type of accommodation: Hostel | Swimming pool : it is more like a hot tub

13# Best boutique hotel in Cartagena for your pet : Casa Pestagua

Credit: Casa Pestagua

8.5/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

Almost no hotel in Cartagena accepts pets. Especially if you want to stay in the best luxury hotels in the historic city center. Luckily, there is the sublime boutique hotel Casa Pestagua. With its numerous patios and high ceilings, this vast colonial building is a dream for those who are claustrophobic.

  • Pets are welcome (free of charge). Please let them know in advance.
  • Beautiful colonial house that was renovated in 2011.
  • Large courtyard with a heated pool and 8 palm trees.
  • The street is noisy on weekends (parties).

Price: From 690 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: No | District: Historical Center | Type of accommodation: Luxury hotels | Swimming pool : yes, an outdoor pool

14# Best hotel in Cartagena for your family : Casa Claver

Credit: Casa Claver

8.2/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s Note

There are not only hotels in the Walled City of Cartagena. Casa Claver offers 5 beautiful apartments to enjoy a luxurious stay with your family. Besides, you will be able to use all the hotel facilities: swimming pool, barbecue, roof terrace, concierge, etc.

  • Apartments from 100 to 145 square meters.
  • Very well equipped: kitchen, living room, laundry room with washer and dryer, balcony.
  • Suitable for 2 to 5 people.
  • Excellent facilities (including 2 swimming pools) and attentive staff.

Price: From 890 000 COP | Cancellation Policy: 1 day | District: Walled city | Type of accommodation: Luxury loft | Swimming pool : yes, an outdoor pool on the first floor and a rooftop pool

How to choose your hotel in Cartagena

Only in Booking, there are more than 550 hotels in Cartagena. Your stay will be totally different depending on your selection (for better or for worse).

Let’s see what you should think about before making your decision.

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Why are you coming to Cartagena?

Some travelers consider Cartagena a must-do for lovers. Others are curious, having seen thousands of photos on the Internet.

→ I advise you to spend the night in a colonial house in the historic center for a romantic stay. The architecture, the services offered, and the quality of the staff will make this trip unforgettable. Choose one of these hotels in Cartagena: Casa Mantilla 3-37, hotel Casa San Agustín or Casa Pombo.

To enjoy Cartagena without going broke, I advise you to stay in the neighborhood of Getsemaní. The prices are more attractive. And you are still close to the tourist attractions. Choose one of these hotels in Cartagena: Casa Isabel, Casa relax, or Posada La Fe.

→ To party in Cartagena. From Wednesday nights, the historic walled city and Getsemaní get bustling. If you want to meet people before you go out, stay at The Clock Hostel. For large groups of friends, the Casa Marqués del Pedregal house could be a good idea.

Cartagena’s particularities

→ Hotels in Cartagena have many stairs and few elevators. If you have mobility problems, be sure to check before you book. Casa Pombo and Casa Pestagua have elevators.

The beaches bordering Cartagena are not attractive. If you want to wake up in a beautiful setting next to crystal clear waters, consider booking your hotel in the Rosario Islands.

Many hotels in Cartagena are former colonial buildings, and their restorations are expensive. This means there is little hot water, soundproofing is sometimes non-existent, and some finishing touches are missing. If you want a quiet night’s stay, book a more modern hotel such as Bastión or la Casa del Coliseo.

→ There are many tourists. Stay away from the busy streets if you want to wake up in peace. The San Diego area, in the walled city, is quiet. There you will find the hotel Casa la Cartujita. The hotel Casa Isabel is in a quiet area of Getsemaní.

→ At nightfall, the walled city is safer than Getsemaní. In general, one should always be careful in large Colombian cities.

→ Cartagena is an expensive city. The hotels in Cartagena with the best quality/price ratio are located in Getsemaní. The Hostel Casa de las Américas and the Clock hostel offer economical rooms. Casa Relax is also a good option to save money.

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

Luxury hotels in Cartagena are concentrated in the historic center. Bastión and Casa San Agustín are among the best upscale hotels in Cartagena.

→ I love boutique hotels and B&Bs. They are often places of character, and the owners are always marvelous. For a personalized experience: Posada La Fe, Casa Mantilla 3-37, Casa Isabel and Casa la Cartujita.

If you like to cook, you will need to be in an apartment. The lofts de Casa Claver are an excellent choice. 

Hostels are usually affordable. The Clock Hostel is more of a backpacker’s place. If you don’t want to mingle with these bearded travelers, choose the lodging Casa de las Américas.

→ Admire the Cartagena´s roofs from a rooftop: The most beautiful views are from Cartagena hotels located in the walled city. Bastión has excellent facilities and rooftop pool is great.

How to get to Cartagena

Many buses and planes are arriving every day in Cartagena. If you come by car, some hotels have small parking lots. 

Note: It is never easy to park.

The airport is close to Getsemaní and the walled city (15 – 20 minutes by cab). Many hotels organize transfers, but it will be cheaper if you take an official cab from the airport.

The bus terminal is on the outskirts of Cartagena. You will need 45 to 60 minutes to get to your hotel in Getsemaní or the Historic Center. 

If you are already on the Caribbean coast, the most comfortable solution is to take a door-to-door transportation service or private transportation. You can arrive from: Minca, Tayrona, Santa Marta, Rincon del Mar, Palomino.

How long to stay in Cartagena

It depends.

2 nights are enough to get to know Cartagena. Take an early morning stroll through the colorful streets of Getsemaní and the historic center. Then, look for a cultural activity such as the Bazurto market or the fishermen of La Boquilla. At the end of the day, don’t miss the sunset from the city walls or a leisure boat.

Weather and tourist season

In Cartagena, it is hot and humid. You feel it more from April to November because it is the rainy season. July and August are still very sunny months.

Don’t worry. Even during the rainy season, it’s sunny. 

All of the Cartagena hotels on this list have A/C in the rooms. However, the swimming pool is the best way to beat the afternoon heat. Bastión, Casa San Agustín and Casa Relax have fantastic pools.

Note: Prices double or triple during high season.

High season dates are:

  • Holy week.
  • July, August (foreigners)
  • The week of 11th November (Cartagena Independence Day).
  • From 15/12 to 15/01.

In any case, there are always tourists in Cartagena.

How I have chosen the best hotels in Cartagena

I have analyzed the hotels in Cartagena according to the following criteria:

  • Notes on Booking
  • The reviews
  • Average price per night
  • Number of rooms
  • The location
  • Ambiance
  • Uniqueness of the establishment
  • Comfort
  • The experience of the stay.

The bottom line

Cartagena is a colonial jewel that you either love or hate. Your first impression will largely depend on your accommodations. Due to its popularity, there are many tourists, and most hotels are overpriced.

If you are a traveler who likes tranquility and wants to visit Cartagena for a couple of days, then Casa Isabel, in Getsemaní, will be perfect. It’s not a budget hotel, but you won’t find a better value for your money.

For the romantic traveler who wants to get caught up in the magic of the walled city, I recommend luxury boutique hotels like Casa San Agustin.

So, which Cartagena hotel will you choose?

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