Kite Surfing In The Desert Of La Guajira

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  • Etto & Paula

    Etto & Paula

    Agency's founders

    Etto and Paula met while windsurfing and were the first to practice kitesurfing in Cabo de la Vela. Their experience and teaching methods have made their school famous.

  • Traveler's type

    Traveler's type

    Ideal for travelers who want to kitesurf in good conditions and among incredible landscapes

  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We have explored 4 times La Guajira.

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Guajira is a famous kitesurfing destination, and you will find many schools. However, it is difficult to find instructors with suitable teaching methods, who are bilingual, and who have the most appropriate equipment. Moreover, the “grail” of kitesurfing is in Punta Gallinas, a remote destination that is difficult to reach by yourself. Fortunately, Etto and Paula help you overcome all these obstacles.

  1. Will you be able to understand your teacher?
  2. How can you reach the most remote places?
  3. Will you practice this sport in safe conditions?
  4. How to plan a fantastic kitesurf adventure to Punta Gallinas?
  5. How many hours do you need?
  6. Is it the right price?

Why do we love Paula & Etto’s agency

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  • Experience

    Their first school dates back to 1995, and they have welcomed more than 9000 students! Etto is one of the people who have contributed most to the diffusion of these two sports in Colombia. You won’t be the first one to learn from them.

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  • Good teacher

    Etto & Paula have an important network of teachers specializing in kite and windsurfing. When I went there, there was Luis (a Venezuelan who competes in the world kitesurfing championship) and Chris (a German who has spent his life teaching kitesurfing around the world). You’ll learn from the best.

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  • Punta Gallinas

    The school organizes several times a year 5-day trips to Punta Gallinas. You might have the opportunity to visit the best kitesurfing spot in Colombia.

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  • Pedagogy

    En plus de ses nombreuses certifications de windsurfs et kitesurfs, Etto is a pedagogue from the Higher School of Pedagogy in Bremen, Germany. It’s the ideal school if you’re a beginner.

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  • Riohacha

    Let’s be frank. Riohacha is far from being the most beautiful city in Colombia. But it is easily accessible (airport) and economical, and you’ll be “near” 6 excellent spots for kitesurfing & windsurfing.

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  • Bilingual

    Etto speaks Spanish, German & English. You won’t need to know Spanish.

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  • Equipment

    Kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment are expensive, and some schools can’t afford to change them. With Etto and Paula, you will train with the right equipment

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  • Safety

    The school does not joke with safety. For beginners, there is 1 hour of theoretical class + 2 hours of practice on the beach with a small kite. Then the school will choose an area where you can practice in the water (depending on your level and progress). You’ll be safe.

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Paula & Etto’s offers

Use our online form to say what you like and plan your experience with Etto and Paula. They will confirm prices, date departures, and availability.

  • Kitesurf trip

    It is one of the school’s specialties. For 5 days, you can kitesurf in Punta Gallinas, a gorgeous place with excellent weather conditions for this sport. It’s up to you if you only wish to have transportation, lodging, food, and a rescue boat or if you also want to have the equipment and lessons with a teacher. Fun guaranteed!

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  • Kitesurf

    In addition to kitesurfing trips, Etto and Paula have a school in Riohacha. You can contact them to rent the equipment or to take private lessons with one of the teachers. The classes take place at the beautiful beach of Mayapo or its lagoon (40 min drive) or the beach of Riohacha (10 min). Transportation by jeep is included too.

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  • Windsurf

    I know that windsurfing is no longer in fashion, but that’s no reason to try it! You can rent the equipment or book private lessons with an instructor! It is also the ideal activity for families with young children.

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The prices in this section are for information purposes only. The final prices and availability will be communicated to you directly by Etto & Paula.


Kitesurf trips

The 5-day trip to Punta Gallinas costs about 520 USD and includes the following: Tranportation, accommodation (chinchorro = hammock), 3 meals + 2 beers per day, rescue boat, insurance, yoga, downwind (Ensenada la Boquita), Professional bilingual kite supervisor and IKO certificate for students.

If you wish, you can rent kitesurfing equipment (10 hours for 212 USD) and take lessons (10 hours for 398 USD). And also pay extra to eat lobsters and sleep in a bed (private room).


Kitesurf rentals & lessons

You can decide to take private kitesurf lessons. Prices change depending on the number of hours you’ll take. For example, 12 hours is worth 1,650,000 COP. On average, 12 hours is enough time for a beginner to have a solid grasp of the sport.

Or you can rent the equipment (full gear or not) by the hour, day, or week.


Windsurf rentals & lessons

Etto is also an excellent windsurfing teacher (his first love). You can take lessons by the hour (140,000 COP) or rent the equipment.


Reserve your spot in advance

Kitesurfing trips are planned according to the demand of the travelers. Also, there are few teachers available as these are private lessons. Inquire now to be able to integrate this experience into your trip to Colombia.

First arrived, first served.

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⭐ Paula & Etto’s reviews ⭐

I'm not the only one to love Paula & Etto's agency.

  • We had a great time with Paula, Etto, and Svetlana. They were very helpful, kind, and enthusiastic in everything they did. We did two days of windsurfing lessons and learned a lot from Etto, the teacher, with a lot of experience and knowledge about windsurfing. He is good in English, Spanish and German language and makes sure everything will be ok during the lessons. They also provided a room/apartment in the kite/windsurfschool where we could sleep/relax/cook. I really recommend that you try one of the nice meals prepared by José, the chef of the house ;)

    5/5 on Google Map
  • 5/5 on Google Map

    Like others, we had a great time with Paula and Etto, this kite center is a reason itself to come to Riohacha :-) Very uncomplicated to organize kite trips where Etto drives you to the spots near Mayapo. Very friendly and caring and super fair with the prices as well! Their recently opened restaurant is also really cool, with good coffee & beers. Can't recommend them enough and would like to join the trip to Punta Gallinas one day :-)

    5/5 on Google Map

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