9 Best Medellín Colombia hotels 5 stars: We Review You Enjoy

Coming soon to Medellín and wish to have a wonderful experience in this city? Or are you traveling for business reasons?

In both cases, you’ll love this article.

Thanks to my tourism experience (I’ve been exploring Colombia since 2015) and hours of internet research, I selected the best five star hotels in Medellín.

Read on to know more about each hotel’s features.

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Best 5 star hotels in Medellín: Mini-reviews

In this section, you will find a clear explanation of each hotel. I have annotated the most interesting characteristics to allow you to choose quickly.

Best well-decorated luxury hotel in Medellín: 23 Hotel

Credit: 23 Hotel

In one of the most prestigious neighborhoods, we find the 23 Hotel Medellín. Its unique design on the outside and modern spaces on the inside will make anyone feel like this is the place to stay. Catch the sun on the pool terrace or enjoy one of the fantastic food options at the restaurant. 

  • The hotel décor is just marvelous, from its modern exterior design to the smallest detail on the inside. This is a place where the whole family can enjoy their vacations. 
  • 3 blocks away from Lleras Park, where you can find the best nightlife in this city. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops in the area within walking distance. 
  • Friendly staff ready to make your stay a joy. 
  • Great breakfast. Start with a fresh plate of recently cut fruits and a selection of bread. Order from a continental breakfast to a wide variety of options. 
  • On the downside, this hotel does not have parking, gym facilities, and common areas, such as the bar close at 11 pm.

Price: from 420.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 2-day | Location: Provenza, El Poblado

Most famous luxury hotel in Medellín: The Charlee hotel

Credit: The Charlee

The Charlee hotel hosts the most famous rooftop bar in the city, the Envy Rooftop. With its DJ and an aquarium-styled pool, this bar organizes parties every weekend with one of the city’s best views. 

  • Located within Parque Lleras, this rooftop bar is the most recognized in this area, thanks to the great views of Medellín. 
  • You can easily access bars and restaurants within walking distance. 
  • If you get one of the best rooms, they come with a jacuzzi and a personalized chef. 
  • If you need to exercise while away from home, this might be your best choice as they have an entire floor dedicated to the gym. 
  • During weekends it can get quite noisy as the location is right in the middle of Parque Lleras, where most nightlife in the city is located.

Price: from 540.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 3-day | Location: Parque Lleras, El Poblado

Best boutique hotel in Medellín: Patio del Mundo

Credit: Patio del Mundo

The Patio del Mundo hotel might be your best choice when looking for comfort and quiet. Each room has its unique design based on some parts of the world, and with its color scheme and delicate attention to detail, this place will certainly fulfill your expectations. 

  • The owner, Agnés, is a lovely host and will help you with anything you need.
  • Perfectly placed in the heart of Medellin, you can find quiet within a 15-min walk of Parque Lleras. 
  • This place looks amazing, with vegetation carefully decorating each space within the hotel.
  • This hotel is ideal for older guests or people looking for a quiet time in the city’s heart. 
  • The downside is that there is not a market nearby.

Price: from 650.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1-day | Location: La Floresta, El Poblado

Best luxury hotel in Medellín with rooftop pool: Hotel York Luxury Suites

Credit: Hotel York Luxury Suites

Hotel York Luxury Suites is another great option if looking for great city views. Located just far enough from downtown, you can watch the sunset in the rooftop pool with the whole city just in front. From the spiral stair leading to the second floor from the lobby to the intricate detail of the rooms, this is one of the best choices to stay in Medellín.

  • The sceneries you can see from this hotel are just great. Even from the rooms, you can get an outstanding view of Medellín with the mountains in the background. 
  • Very few places offer such a wide variety on the buffet breakfast, fruits, slices of bread, cheeses, eggs, and anything else you can imagine to start your day you can probably get here. 
  • There are many places of interest to visit as this hotel is close to main roads, supermarkets and the area feels very safe.  
  • You can hear road noise, and the gym could have an improvement.

Price: from 560.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1-day | Location: District: Santa María de Los Ánleges, between El Poblado and Envigado

Best luxury hotel in Medellín for long stay: Hotel Estelar La Torre Suites

Credit: Hotel Estelar La Torre Suites

If staying for longer periods is what you are looking for, then Hotel Estelar La Torre Suites will be a perfect fit. Some rooms come with a fully equipped kitchen that allows you to cook your meals just as if you were home, and several rooms even have a guest bathroom.

  • This cozy hotel will make you feel at home, with a high-speed internet connection, modern furniture, ample rooms with all the amenities you could need, very complete, especially for a long stay. 
  • Conveniently located, very close to one of Medellin’s best shopping malls El Tesoro. 
  • Everything looks quite new, the staff is super friendly and always ready to help. 
  • Wide variety of fruits during breakfast every morning.  
  • It takes time to get downtown, especially during rush hour, and the outdoor swimming pool area could be cleaner.

Price: from 700.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 2-day | Location: Outskirts of  El Poblado

Best luxury aparthotel in Medellín: Casa Del Reloj

Credit: Casa del Reloj

This is one of the rare short-term rentals with all the amenities from a hotel and a full-time staff that will care for all the needs a guest may have. Recurrent guests and rave reviews are solid proof that Casa del Reloj is the perfect place if you are looking for a long time staying in Medellín. Also, did you know you can rent the full house for you and your friends?

  • You will feel the warmth with all the antique wood structures and cabinetry around the hotel. You can easily forget you are away from home and get lost in the great hospitality of this place for short periods. 
  • Clear house rules. 
  • Modern amenities such as high-speed free wifi, a/c, smart tv, washer, dryer, etc.
  • Very safe location in a great neighborhood.  
  • Noise from the other units can easily be heard, especially at night when everything is quiet.

Price: from 400.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: No refund | Location: El Poblado, Florida 

Best luxury house in Laureles: Casa Colonial

Credit: Casa Colonial

When looking for a place for large groups, no place is better than Casa Colonial. Completely renovated in 2019, they kept the architectural design intact but increased to maximum comfort. The house is full of light as it is very open and has lots of greenery. 

  • The house is very family-oriented, with open spaces, large windows, and comfortable rooms for many people. Natural sunlight comes through the house during the whole day. 
  • You will certainly be able to find the right place within the house for whatever you need to do, from a quiet place to work or a small lounge just to sit and relax.
  • Friendly host always ready to make your stay easier.
  • Well-located neighborhood, restaurants, cafes, and bars within walking distance.
  • One of the few places where it is hard to find a downside.

Price: from 752.000 COP/9 pers | Cancellation Policy: 5-day | Location: South of Laureles

Best trendy luxury hotel in Medellín: Click clack hotel

Credit: Click Clack Hotel

Click Clack hotel looks very modern with its unique architectural design, surrounded by green plants everywhere. The rooftop is such a good place to be that you might be stuck in Medellín forever.

  • Little details from the lobby to the small rooms make this experience unique on its way far from the conventional hotel standard. 
  • Unique art and design, although it sacrifices practicality. 
  • You might find awkward the fact that the bathroom can be seen from just about anywhere in the room.
  • The rooftop bar can get very noisy, and you can hear the music from the upper floors. If you are looking for quiet, this might not be the place to go. 

Price: from 470.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 1-day | Location: El Poblado

Best hotel with a delicious restaurant: ElCielo

Credit: ElCielo

With a mix of modernity and wood, the architecture in the hotel ElCielo is marvelous. Perfect attention to detail, great furniture, and a vertical tropical garden, along with one of the best restaurants in town, make this hotel the perfect stay for a romantic getaway.

  • Since this hotel hosts El Cielo restaurant, you better make reservations in advance as the restaurant is usually booked all the time. 
  • Comfortable rooms with bathtubs. 
  • Quiet zone in town, near El Poblado park, which makes a perfect place to relax.
  • Lovely pool design in the middle of the hotel.
  • The staff could be more friendly, and the hotel does not have a parking lot. 

Price: from 750.000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 2-day | Location: El Poblado, Patio Bonito

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Booking Guide: find your luxury hotel in Medellín

Medellín is called the city of eternal spring, although you may catch some rain, especially between April-May and Oct-Nov.

This beautiful city has plenty of things to offer no matter what kind of trip you have planned. Being famous for their beautiful women and warmth from the people in general, this is definitely a city that fits perfectly for a long stay.

Medellin is the capital of the Antioquia department, known for its mountain views, great variety of fruits and vegetables, and for its coffee.

These tips will help you decide which hotel to stay in depending upon your needs.

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Staying in El Poblado

El Poblado district feels safe because there are always lots of people. Most of the 5-star Medellín hotels are in this area because of the cool clubs and gourmet restaurants. Keep in mind that this is the nightlife area of the city and it can get quite noisy in some places.

Are you coming to Medellín to have fun? Then you’ll love the rooftops of the Click-Clack hotel or The Charlee Hotel.

If listening to continuous bass sounds until late at night is not your thing, you should book your luxury hotel in Manila, Patio Bonito & up north La Florida. Patio del Mundo or El Cielo are both solid options.

Staying in Laureles

Laureles is more authentic and local. You won’t find many luxury accommodations over there. However, the area is very pleasant to live in, with flat streets and lots of trees. You can also ride a cab to get to Parque Lleras in less than 15min. 

The only luxury option I found is the sumptuous house Casa Colonial.

Attractions and surrounding areas

The weather is beautiful most of the year so going out and walking is a great way to get to know the city, the shops, bars, and restaurants.

If you like to understand more about Medellin’s history, there are several tours, from going to the Comuna 13 and seeing the graffiti art to riding the Metrocable.

You can also visit the Antioquia Museum with a history of over 135 years or walk around the Plaza Botero, which has 23 statues from the artist himself. 

If you want to escape the metropolitan area, then with a two-hour drive, you can visit the Peñol rock in Guatapé. This is one of the most famous tourist spots in Antioquia. 

Things to consider when booking a 5-star hotel in Medellín

  • Guests are prohibited for security reasons, mainly to avoid prostitution. 
  • The area around Parque Lleras is boisterous. 
  • The 5-star hotels in Medellín aren’t perfect. Rooms are generally poorly soundproofed, some hotels are not very organized, and the staff does not always speak English. You should not expect to get the same level of quality as 5-star hotels in Europe or the United States.

Weather and tourist season

Medellin’s weather is one of the best in Colombia, only having two small rainy seasons throughout the year. Locals do not like to stay in town during holidays, so any time of the year is good except for La Feria de las Flores which usually starts on the second week of August and goes for almost two weeks so if you plan to go during this time book your hotel in advanced. 

How long to stay in Medellin?

Medellin has a huge history behind it.

If you want to explore the city and its surroundings and get to understand how it came to be the city that you see today, then you might want to plan a week.

If you can only stay for a few days, then one or two days to visit the city and one more to visit Guatape will do. 

How to get to Medellin?

There are two main airports. The international Jose Maria Cordoba takes a 45-min ride and a smaller one, Olaya Herrera, is within the city —close to El Poblado.

There is also the choice to travel by bus through the north and south bus terminals. 

Q&A: 5 Star hotels in Medellin

If you’re still trying to decide between two or three options, these FAQs might help you make up your mind.

  1. Where are the safest districts?

    Laureles and El Poblado are among the safest neighborhoods in Medellin. In Laureles, you should stay around Primer Parque or Segundo Parque. In El Poblado, I love La Floresta and Manila.

  2. 5 stars Medellín hotel with the best suite?

     The Charlee hotel has probably one of the most spectacular suites in Medellin (100m square, private jacuzzi, fantastic views).

  3. What Is the Best New Hotel in Medellin?

    The boutique hotel Patio del Mundo, located in La Floresta, is a great option. If you prefer to have a house for yourself, pick Casa Colonial.

  4. 5 stars Medellín hotel with the best customer service?

    To be pampered, nothing is better than a small hotel. The staff in Patio del Mundo & Casa del Reloj is unbeatable.

Bottom line: Best Medellín Colombia hotels 5 stars

Travelers who wish to stay in the most luxurious hotels in Medellín are usually drawn to the Poblado district. Hotels like Click Clack and The Charlee will be a fun (and loud) place to party. If you prefer a quiet place to stay, Patio del Mundo and El Cielo are two fine choices.

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