Camping in Tayrona National Park: Is it possible? 🏕️

You’re traveling on the Coast for your Caribbean Holidays, and you wish to go camping in Tayrona Park. You still don’t know yet if you have to sleep in Santa Marta or near the park entrance and, more importantly, how you should organize your expedition to Tayrona National park.

Since I was a kid, I have camped many times with my family and friends – And I love the Crazy Uno games at night.

Let’s find out where you can stay in Tayrona National Park

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Camping In Tayrona Park: what you must know

  • You can bring your tent or rent one inside the park
  • It costs Around 15 – 20 000 COP per pers. with your tent
  • It costs Around 20 – 30 000 COP per pers. if you’re renting a tent
  • The places are more expensive in Cabo San Juan.
  • Wilderness camping is prohibited
  • You’re not allowed to make fire

There are 6 areas where you can camp in Tayrona:

  • Camping in Bahia Concha
  • Camping Playa Brava
  • Camping in Cabo San Juan
  • Camping in Arrecife
  • Camping in Carñaveral
  • Camping in Castillete
Map Tayrona Colombia Park

Where Can You Camp In Tayrona?

A] Camping in Tayrona – Bahia Concha

Bahia Concha Santa Marta
Bahia Concha

Bahia Concha is the closest beach from Santa Marta, just after Taganga. It’s another section of the national park, and Colombians are going there to escape the crowd from Rodadero beach.

The clear water and the white beach provide a beautiful area for camping lovers. However, it’s not the most exciting part of the park – But you won’t pay the same price either.

You have to bring your tent.

How to get to Bahia Concha (+)

  • You can book a taxi. It’s around 110 000 COP round trip

Prices Camping Bahia Concha (+)

  • 5 000 COP for the park entrance
  • 25 000 COP for the tent

For the next camps, you have to pay the regular Tayrona ticket (around 60 000 COP if you’re a foreigner)

B] Camping in Tayrona: Los Castilletes

Camping in Tayrona Los Castilletes
Camping in Tayrona Los Castilletes | Credit: @stevyuk

At the end of the dirty road – Where the shuttle drops you -is the camping the Castillete on your right. It’s a massive Finca where you can set up your tent and use the facilities.

Unfortunately, the currents are dangerous by there. It’s forbidden to swim. I don’t recommend you to book this accommodation in Tayrona park because it’s near the “2nd entrance”.

How to get to Los Castilletes (+)

  • You can take the shuttle at the park entrance (Zaino) – 5000 COP – or walk the 4 km. Then it will be on your right.

Price Camping Los Castilletes (+)

  • 15 000 COP per pers. with your tent
  • Between 15 – 20 000 COP per pers if you’re renting a tent

C] Camping in Tayrona: Carñaveral

View Trail 9 Piedras Tayrona
View from the Trail “9 Piedras” Credit: @lajc123

The camping in Carñaveral is “far” from the beach, but it could be a good option if you’re trekking for 3 days in Tayrona Park. There is a lovely walk called the 9 Piedras hike, unknown among the tourists as this part is less visited.

Still, you can’t swim (Too dangerous).

How to get to Carñaveral (+)

  • Walk 10 min after the 2nd entrance – where the shuttle dropped you – in the direction of Arrecife

Price Camping Carñaveral (+)

  • Around 15-20 000 COP per pers.

D] Camping in Tayrona: Arrecife

In Arrecife, there are two camps, Don Pedro and Yuluka. The good point is there are not many tourists. It’s a little too far for the lazy wanderers, and you still have to walk 50 min to get to the highlight of Tayrona.

20 min away from Arrecife, there is a great beach called la Piscina where you can finally swim!

Also, I’ve heard you can make a bonfire and cook in Don Pedro.

How to get to Arrecife (+)

  • Walk 50 min after the 2nd entrance (where the shuttle dropped you)

Prices camping in Arrecife (+)

  • Don Pedro: Around 12 000 COP per pers. but you have to bring your tent
  • Yuluka: Around 15 000 COP per pers.

E] Camping in Tayrona: Cabo San Juan

Panoramic view cabo San Juan in Tayrona park

Cabo San Juan is the FAMOUS beach in Tayrona park. Tourists are coming here by boat, horse, or paragliding.

Because of it, the place can be crowded, especially on weekends, and travelers who are looking for peace and quiet could not appreciate it. However, the scenery is still extraordinary, and giant boulders protect the sea from dangerous currents. You can swim!

I slept in a tent one night, and I got wet… So bring your tent if you wish to go camping in Tayrona Cabo San Juan 😉

How to get to Cabo San Juan (+)

  • Walk from the 2nd entrance (where the shuttle dropped you): 2 hours
  • Or Boat from Taganga: 50 000 COP/ 1 h

Price camping in Cabo San Juan (+)

  • 35 000 COP per pers. with your tent
  • 40 000 COP per pers. if you’re renting a tent

F] Camping in Tayrona: Playa Brava

Playa Brava Tayrona
Playa Brava

Playa Brava is a secret beach hidden from the ignorant. Between lush vegetation, raw landscapes, and simple infrastructures, it’s the ideal place if you’re looking for authenticity – Without 10 tourists around taking a duck face selfie in a bathing suit.

Tourists are not going there as you have to hike a little mountain before going to the beach. Also, you should stay 2 nights in Tayrona if you plan to get to Playa Brava.

How to get to Playa Brava (+)

  • Start from the secondary entrance – El Calabazo – and hike for 3 hours.

Price Camping Playa Brava (+)

  • Around 25 000 COP per pers.

More Information about Camping In Tayrona

The Tayrona national park is a protected area. There are rules to follow, and you can’t do whatever you want to go camping in Tayrona.

First, wilderness camping is prohibited. You have to camp in one of the 6 sites cited below. It’s also forbidden to make a fire.

The trash treatment can be a real problem when a park is visited. Please bring your garbages to the main entrance to help with the maintenance of Tayrona.

Also, your bag will be checked at the main entrance. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited too. Moreover, to preserve Tayrona’s wildlife, pets are not allowed inside.

As it’s a humid zone, you will probably sweat a lot. I know some tourists have problems dealing with this climate. You can easily buy food and water bottles in the camps. It means you don’t have to carry a heavy bag. And please, let your backpack – a day bag is sufficient – in your hotel near Tayrona.

If camping in Tayrona is not your thing, hammocks are available for the same price or even cheaper. 

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  1. Niki says:

    Hi! You have to absolute best post on Tayrona! So I really want to start the Calabazo route and stay on Playa Brava but the accommodations are full of course. I read in your post you can camp in Playa Brava but is there a place that provides the camping gear or hammocks or this is a place you have to bring your own gear? Hope to hear from you soon!

    • says:

      Hey Niki!

      I know they have hammocks but I don’t think you can rent a tent there. The best would be to send them an email

      They usually answer fast.

      You could write something like: Hola, me gustaria ir a playa brava para dormir una noche. Tienes hamacas disponible? Si no, es possible de aquilar una carpa? o hay que traer una? Gracias 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Hey mate – great guide. Do you know where to find a map of the “zones” in the park? When trying to reserve park entry tickets in advance online, you need to choose from three zones in a dropdown menu – but a map of the zones seems to be impossible to find (we want to go to Playa Brava). Thanks!

    • Tom says:

      That’s weird. The entrance Neguange and Playa del Muerto are near Santa Marta so you won’t be able to access Playa Brava from there. And the Zaino is the name of the main entrance.

      To get to Playa Brava, you have to enter from the Calabazo Entrance. It’s a very small entrance with 1 guard and 1 plastic chair. I think you didn’t have to buy your ticket entrance. Just show up early at Calabazo entrance and hike to Playa Brava 🙂

      Maybe try to reach out the guys in Playa Brava, just to be sure.

  3. Luke says:


    I’m planning on visiting Tayrona National Park in Santa Marta, Colombia in December. Can you answer a few questions?

    – Is the entry pass valid for just one day, or for a week?
    – If it’s only valid for one day, and you camp overnight in the park, do you need to pay for the additional days you’ll be in the park?

    – Can you pay for a tent rental as soon as you arrive?
    – If yes, can you then set up your tent immediately (in the morning)?
    – Do you reserve a tent at the location you’ll be camping, or at the main entrance?
    – Which campsite is the least occupied/crowded? I don’t need to be near the beach; I prefer to be a bit more solitary.
    – I’m thinking maybe enter via Calabazo and camp at Playa Brava?


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