How to Visit Sapzurro in Colombia?

How to Visit Sapzurro in Colombia?

Today, I’m going to Sapzurro in Colombia, the last village on the Caribbean coast before the border with Panama. The lancheros (people driving the speedboat) are screaming Puerto Obaldia and Sapzurro since 7h00 am this morning. I’m sure I can find a boat easily. 

The sea looks a crazy little today but my lanchero smiles and says “no, tranquilo!’. Ah cool, I’m convinced now. Jump in the speedboat surrounded by Colombians with their life jackets. They don’t seem tranquilo to me.

Sapzurro Colombia how to visit

T. contents: Sapzurro

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How to get to Sapzurro from Capurgana

Capurgana | Credit: Juanillo 1970

By sea, walking or crawling, you will arrive in Sapzurro. There are two options:

1# The boat To Sapzurro from Capurgana

You just need to go to the dock of Capurgana. Lancheros are waiting for you, so don’t be shy! You have more chance to have a boat quickly early in the morning. It’s a minimum of 3 or 4 people to have the usual price. The boat drive along the coast is beautiful. You can even see the Cocarita on your way to Sapzurro, Colombia.

Time: 10 min

Price: 10 000 COP

2# Hike from Capurgana to Sapzurro

You can also decide to walk to Sapzurro, Colombia. Go to the football field then follow the road going the bakery. Pass the bakery, turn to the first left then to the first right.

The hike is beautiful and not complicated. You will suffer only 30 min 😉 and it’s worth it. Take your runners to arrive at a beautiful view of Capurgana and Sapzurro. Don’t forget to look on the sides, and you have some big spiders (in their spider web).

Time: 1h20 min

Price: Around 10 000 COP – Halfway, you have to pay a tax of 10 000 COP. If you’re lucky, there will be no one.

Sapzurro in Colombia stands up among the green palm trees of the Darian Gap. The contrast with the different blues water is amazing. Bag on your shoulder, flip-flop, and sunglasses on, It’s time to have a glass of juice as a second breakfast. Or maybe an ice cream if you can find Chila.

With only 3 or 4 parallel streets, it will be finally a place where you won’t be lost (I hope). Juice fruit in your tummy, and you walk on the beach, asking people what you should do here. So many choices !!!

If you’re coming from Medellin, you have to travel to capurgana first. There is no flight Medellin-Sapzurro. 

Things to do in Sapzurro, Colombia

A small wharf in the Caribbean Sea at Sapzurro
Sapzurro beach

Yoga and activities in the morning, then reading and napping in the afternoon.

 1# The waterfall

It would be best if you went there during the rainy season to have a lot of water. It’s only 15 min walk from the center, on the way to Capurgana. There is a sign showing the pass. There is a secret waterfall above the first one. You can “climb” to the right. Easy walk.

Time: 15-20 min one way. 

Price: Free

2# Bahia in Sapzurro (Beach)

It’s easy, and you can’t miss it because it’s in front of you—calm blue water. The color of the beach is not a perfect white, but it’s more than enough to enjoy a day at doing nothing. You even have a volleyball court. 

Time: 2.5 s

Price: Free

3# Cabo Tiburon (Beach) – Snorkeling option

Playa Tiburon

It’s the best beach around Sapzurro, Colombia. On the way, you have a great spot to observe the coast and a restaurant where you can have lunch. It’s around 20 000 COP for a meal and 4000 COP for a beer. Hammocks are all over the place, so you can quickly relax. The beach is just after the restaurant. 

Time:  25 min one way

Price:  Flip Flop 

If you like snorkeling, you have a very nice spot in front of Cabo Tiburon. You need to bring your gear, and you can let your bag in the restaurant. From the restaurant, swim after the wave (Around 20 min), then go a little on the left. The reef is really nice there. Then, swim in the direction of Cabo Tiburon and walk back to the restaurant. Be careful with the waves and the reef 😉

4# La Miel in Panama

Stairs to the panama border
On the way to La Miel

Behind Sapzurro, you will find the stairs going to Panama. My legs are always crying when I get there. It’s harder when you come back because your bag is full of wine bottles. Indeed, there is a duty-free shop in La Miel!! You will not have a new stamp on your passport. Dollars and COP are accepted.

La Miel near sapzurro is a lovely and quiet beach where travelers can chill a few hours before going back to Colombia – Before 5 pm. 

It can be a little dirty because of the tide.

I give you more details about La Miel here.

Time: 25 min – One way

Price: Sweat

The duty-free shop is at the end of the beach.

Beach La Miel near Sapuzurro
Beach La Miel near Sapuzurro

5# Yummy activity in Sapzurro

Do you like Ice cream? Yes of course, like everyone. Find Chila, surnamed the Ice cream lady, and try all the flavors. And you know what? Chila uses no sugar and my favorites are caramel and Salpicon.

Price: 3000 COP 

Hostels and hotels in Sapzurro, Colombia

Some of the hotels in Sapzurro change their prices depending on the season. Here, the high season is Semana Santa (Easter Holidays), October and December.

Don’t think about Wifi in Sapzurro, Colombia 😉

1# La Posada

It’s camping in front of the beach. You have the choice between the tent (I don’t remember the price…), the hammock or the private room. Clean place. Toilette and shower are a little simple but fine.

Prices (Approximately):

  • Hammock: 15 000 COP. With a mosquito net
  • Tent:?
  • Private room: 65000 COP (P/P) – Included Breakfast


  • Tel: 312 622 75 99
  • Email:
  • Tripadvisor

2# Paraíso Cangrejales

Paraíso Cangrejales
Credit: Paraíso Cangrejales

It’s a Peruvian restaurant in the direction of Cabo Tiburon, 100 m away from the beach.

They have only private room. It’s also a tasty restaurant, so everything is included:  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner !!

Prices (Approximately):

  • Low Season: 135 000 COP
  • High Season: 140 000 COP


  • Tel: 310 394 84 6
  • Email:
  • Airbnb

3# El Chileno

El Chileno is a hostel in front of the sea. It’s more basic than the other accommodations, but the beds are still comfortable—family atmosphere.

Prices (Approximately):

  • Dorm and Hammock (with Mosquito net and blanket): 20 000 COP
  • Open private room: 25 000 COP
  • Private room with shower: 35 000 or 40 000 COP


  • Tel: 313 685 98 62
  • Email:
Dock Sapzurro - Juanillo1970
Dock in Sapzurro – Credit: Juanillo1970/ Shutterstock

4# Saudade

If you want to take your cup of coffee with a beautiful view, you have to come here. Two rooms upstairs and one downstairs. A small open kitchen you allow you to cook simple dishes. Pick up the fruits every morning to make your juice!

Prices (Approximately):

  • Low Season 35 000 COP (P/P)
  • High Season 50 000 COP (P/P)
  • You can also rent the full house

Contact: Tel: 321 557 28 72


5# Dona Triny

San Blas Adventure always goes there. The place is spotless, the restaurant excellent, and the staff fantastic. It’s a hotel with no kitchen.


  • Low Season: 75 000 (P/P) included breakfast and dinner
  • High Season: 110 000 (P/P) included breakfast and dinner
  • Dorms are available in the Low Season for 25 000 COP


  • Tel: 312 751 86 26
  • Email:

6# La Bomba

One of the best hotel in Sapzurro. You have some cabanas with small lakes and bridge in wood.

Price: 150 000 COP for two people.

Contact: 314 625 47 11

During the visit of  Sapzurro in Colombia, you pass two pool bar. It’s a favorite activity here. And of course, the sound of the Vallenato music is flying slowly around your ears.  Nevertheless, the village is quieter than Capurgana. You are meeting more dogs than humans. Here, it’s siesta time all day long. Also, like everywhere in Colombia, the time will stop when there is a football game with the national team. Chairs will be set up outside in the street, in front of TV screens

Leticia beach Capurgana

It’s time for a small juice before dinner. Best cocktail around here, you maybe need to ask for less sugar if you don’t like it too sweet.

Where to eat in Sapzurro, Colombia

There are few restaurants in town. The basic ones open when they like. If the sun is too hot, there is suddenly not enough ingredients in the kitchen to cook a meal. If you’re going only for the afternoon, it could be nice to picnic! 

The three best restaurants in Sapzurro, Colombia

  • Triny Hostel is also a restaurant and is good !! You have the choices between Fish, Chicken breast, and veggie. 25 000 COP
  • Cangrejales is the restaurant to go to if you are looking for Peruvian food. Around 25 000 COP
  • Pizza Miramar. I know that Colombia has a bad reputation for pizza. But here, it’s better than the average ;). 18000 to 30000 COP.
The sign to mark the border with Panama
The sign to mark the border with Panama

Where to travel after Sapzurro

There are many cool places on the Westside of the Caribbean Coast.

Pick the travel guide you are interested in:

Conclusion Sapzurro in Colombia

If you like nature, you will love this place. There is no big hike to do but enough small activities for two days. It’s perfect to relax if it’s the end of your trip. It’s also a lovely place for lovers. No crazy party, except if you know the right people.

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  1. nick bali says:

    Hi, would you recommend which town to cross from, Turbo or Necocli?
    I just read there are a lot of migrants in the latter, looks a bit chaotic ( dangerous?)

    • Hola Nick,

      I don’t the actual situation, but they’ve always been migrants trying to cross the Darien. They won’t take the same boat as you. Turbo has a lousy reputation, and the boat ride is longer.

  2. Derek Angell says:

    Please, what is the situation in Capurgana and Sapzurro?
    Is it possible to visit at this time with the migrant situation.

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