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  • Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We explored 5 days the coffee region with Bruce.

  • Bruce


    Travel agency' founder

    Bruce is a friendly kiwi who has been operating tailored trips in Colombia since 2018. He loves authentic and convenient experiences.

  • Recommended by US

    Recommended by US

    We recommend Bruce if you wish to travel comfortably in Colombia with excellent bilingual guides.

Colombia is not limited to Salento, Cartagena, Guatapé, Villa de Leyva, Medellín and so on. If you want to discover little-known experiences, with bilingual guides and private transportation, then you will need a good travel agency. 

  1. How to visit other lovely colonial towns?
  2. Is it safe to move around?
  3. How to find good bilingual guides?
  4. How can I do more activities in less time?
  5. How do I share experiences with locals?

Travel stress-free with Bruce

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  • The team

    Bruce fell in love with Colombia in 2009. He works with quality bilingual guides and loves a job well done. You’ll be in good hands.

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  • Stress-free

    Depending on what you want to do, it is not easy to organize a trip through Colombia. Bruce takes care of all the arrangements. You just have to tell him what you like.

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  • Meet the locals

    Bruce is always looking for authentic experiences to share Colombia’s culture with his clients. You won’t have a superficial trip.

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  • Comfortable

    Bruce spends time in the field to find activities that are accessible to all types of travelers. Seniors and families love to travel with BnB Colombia tours.

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  • Visit unknown places

    Everyone can go to Salento and Valle del Cocora. Ask Bruce to show you his favorite secret spots, like Santa Rosa de Cabal, Viterbo, or Marsella.

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  • English

    Bruce is a New Zealander and all his guides are bilingual. You can enjoy Colombia without knowing Spanish.

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  • Private transportation

    You will need private transportation to save time while visiting the coffee area and Colombia. With Bruce, travel from one destination to another with your driver.

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Bruce’s offers

Bruce is a travel expert who organizes many trips each year. You can either contact him for a day trip, visit the coffee region (or any other) or ask him to plan your adventure from start to finish. Use our form to contact him directly!

  • Tailor-made trip

    This has become one of Bruce’s specialties. Use our online form to express your desires, and he will contact you with a proposal that meets your expectations! 

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  • Explore a region

    You don’t necessarily want (or afford) to have your entire trip organized by a travel agency. Why not ask Bruce to arrange a multi-day trip for you (with a bilingual guide and private transportation)? This will be an extraordinary opportunity to understand Colombia and Colombians. 

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  • Day trips

    Bruce organizes many day tours in the Coffee area, the Caribbean coast, Santander, Antioquia, and around Medellín. Don’t hesitate to check them out if you are looking for a high-quality English tour.

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  • Private Transportation

    Want to go from one destination to another? Public transportation is sometimes long and arduous in Colombia. Bruce has contacts in many Colombian cities to arrange comfortable private transportation for you.

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