45 Best places to visit in Colombia (2021): Awe-Inspiring guides!

45 Best places to visit in Colombia (2021): Awe-Inspiring guides!

When I planned my first trip to Colombia, I asked Google God, “What are the best places to visit in Colombia“.

I bet you did the same.

It’s a smart reaction, after all. You’re creating your Colombia itinerary, and you want to do a pre-selection of the top destinations in Colombia.

However, there is a glitch in your plan.

We’re all different.

It means you maybe won’t like the same places as your cousin or friend – or the travel blogger who only spent 3 weeks in Colombia and wrote a “Best of Colombia” post.

I want to do things differently. You deserve it – especially if you share this article on the internet, love y’all.

I wrote down an exclusive list of all the Colombia places we have been in the last 5 years, and I regrouped them by theme.

And, there is a travel guide for (almost) each of them.

Have Fun. – Don’t forget to read our top-notch article about the mistakes to avoid when creating a Colombia itinerary.

T. Contents: Best places to visit in Colombia

Major cities to visit in Colombia

Best places to visit in Colombia

Big cities in Colombia aren’t sexy. It can be loud, polluted, dirty – like every city in the world.

However, there are many reasons why you would like to include some of them in your Colombia itinerary.

  • Some local guides speak French/English
  • Local travel agencies offer kickass tours and activities
  • There are airports and principal bus terminals
  • Interesting museums to learn about Colombia history and culture
  • It’s your best chance to experience a fantastic nightlife

Let’s have a look at the best cities to visit in Colombia depending on what you’re looking for

#1 Medellin, best city for living as a digital nomad

Many travelers stop in Medellin because they like partying in Poblado. I agree it’s fun, although there are better cities.

I’m also fond of Medellin. I lived there for 4 months, and it was fantastic. It’s “easy” to move around – except if it’s rush hour -, the weather is mild and the Paisas – Medellin’s people – are super friendly.

From Medellin, you can plan many multi-day trips to explore Antioquia and the Pacific coast.

It’s one of my favorite places to visit in Colombia.

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Medellin Best places to visit in Colombia

How to enjoy Colombia?

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#2 Bogota, best city to learn about the Colombia culture

I know that every traveler hates Bogota, but it’s a mistake. I didn’t like it the first time – and the 2nd time. It’s because I didn’t know how to understand Bogota.

Go to Bogota if you:

  • Love good food. The Zona G is filled with delicious restaurants.
  • Have the budget for paying fantastic activities. We met some excellent partners there. It’s the best way to experience Colombia Culture – and you participate in the local economy.
  • Like museums. Bogota’s museums are the most interesting
  • Want to party hard. Parque 93 and Chapinero districts host mind-blowing parties.
  • Include San Jose del Guaviare or the Amazon on your Best of Colombia list. You must take your flight from Bogota.
  • I recommend staying in Chapinero.

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#3 Cali, best city for dancing Salsa

Travelers skip Cali because they think they’re going to be bored – and 99% of us dance with 2 left feet.

It’s true that if you don’t care about dancing, then you might don’t want to include it in your Colombia itinerary. However, you don’t have to dance all day long. There are many day trips to visit exciting Colombia sightseeings around the city.

  • Hike in the Western Andean mountains
  • Plan a trip to La Barra or Popayan
  • Tubing in San Cipriano
  • Kitesurfing in the Colima lagoon

Have fun at night, and explore during the day. I can’t think of a better situation.

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Cali best places to visit in Colombia

#4 Cartagena, best romantic city in Colombia

Cartagena already has a tremendous reputation around the world and many travel websites consider it’s one of the best places to visit in Colombia. The old city center is made up of colorful facades, flowery balconies, and fantastic restaurants.

Therefore, it’s an ideal city for a honeymoon journey, but there are some inconveniences you should know.

  • Beaches in Cartagena aren’t pleasant
  • Depending on the season, the city can be super crowded
  • It’s expensive
  • There are not many Colombia sightseeings around Cartagena

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Cartagena itinerary 1 week in Colombia

#5 Santa Marta, a touristic hub on the coast

There is 0 interest in visiting Santa Marta. However, you may have to stay there one night as it’s the easiest way to reach the Eastern side of the Caribbean coast.

It’s also the departure point for various excellent multi-day trips to La Guajira or the Lost City.

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Santa Marta

#6 Pereira, a touristic hub in the Coffee Region

As Santa Marta, Pereira won’t blow your mind. However, it’s a strategic place to visit the coffee region. It’s also easy to get there as there are an airport, a major bus terminal, and AVIS Rental car company.

We’ve met one of the best local travel agencies when we were there. Thanks to them, you can plan different adventures:

  • Multi-day trips to the Paramo Los Nevados
  • Canyoning and thermal baths
  • Visit unknown-and-beautiful colonial towns

The coffee region is one my favorite region to visit in Colombia.

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Pereira Zona Cafetera

The best beach towns to visit in Colombia

Villages côtiers carte de la Colombie

Best places to visit in Colombia

Colombia is the only country in South America with two coastlines. Therefore, there is a bunch of cool beach towns where you can relax.

#7 Capurgana & Sapzurro, visit 2 beach towns in the Darien Gap

First of all, yes, it’s safe to travel to Capurgana and Sapzurro. I know that the Darien Gap as a bad reputation because of the Colombia paramilitaries, but I stayed there for over 1 year without having any issues.

Both towns are remote, and only accessible by boat. I loved it there. There are some nice beaches, an authentic beach town atmosphere, and many half-day trip activities you can do by yourself.

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Capurgana best places to visit in Colombia

#8 Rincon del Mar, the ideal beach town

Rincon del Mar is a little hidden paradise that we must preserve. The inhabitants are the nicest people I’ve met on the coast, and it’s the most beautiful beach town in the Caribbean with its endless white-sand beach and colorful houses.

Moreover, there are plenty of activities you can organize with the locals, as snorkeling tour, bioluminescent plankton, and a trip to the San Bernardo Islands.

Rincon del Mar is one of my favorite places to visit in Colombia.

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Rincon del mar best places to visit in Colombia

#9 Palomino, visit the most famous beach town

Nowadays, every traveler knows about Palomino – it wasn’t the case a few years ago. It’s a chill beach town with not many things to do, except tubing on the river. It’s maybe not the best option if you’re looking for a place with fewer foreigners. However, there are some nice accommodations and restaurants.

Unfortunately, the current is quite strong in this area, so you won’t be able to swim in the ocean.

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#10 Dibulla, an authentic fishing town

If you want to experience living and chilling in an authentic Caribbean beach town, then you should ditch Palomino and pick Dibulla instead.

There are not many things to do around, but it’s enough to occupy you for a couple of days.

Organize a horse riding activity at sunset or an ecological hike in the Sierra Nevada, then plan a multi-day expedition to La Guajira.

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dibulla best places to visit in Colombia

#11 Thermales & Guachalito, visit the paradise on earth

The pacific coast is wild and beautiful. There is no road to get there, and you shouldn’t expect a 5-star hotel. However, it will be the perfect place for disconnecting from the modern world.

Guachalito is a magnificent black-sand beach surrounded by lush vegetation. There are few eco-lodges scattered alongside the beach, and it can be an excellent option for enjoying some slow vacation days with your loved one.

And, if you don’t have the budget for it, Termales remains an excellent choice. Take the opportunity to learn how to surf. 😉

It’s one of the wildest places to visit in Colombia and it’s just half an hour by plane from Medellin. The contrast between the city and Guachalito is striking.

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Nuqui and Guachalito

#12 El Valle, it will be hard to say goodbye

El Valle is a small beach town on the Pacific coast, at 30 min from the Bahia Solano’s airport. There are a few restaurants, nice hostels, and guesthouses. It’s more affordable than Guachalito.

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El Valle Bahia Solano best places to visit in Colombia

#13 La Barra, the cheapest zone of the Pacific coast

Being quite close to Cali (3h bus + 1h boat), Juanchaco attracts many Colombian tourists, especially during the whale watching season.

Juanchaco doesn’t deserve your attention, but we really liked La Barra and its surroundings. It’s a tiny beach town, with not many things to do. Fortunately, some hotels offer some entertaining and affordable activities.

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La barra et bahia Malaga

The most beautiful colonial towns to visit in Colombia

Villages coloniaux carte de la Colombie

Best places to visit in Colombia

Because of the reputation of Villa de Leyva or Barichara, some travelers are willing to spend a day in transportation just for staying 24 hours.

It makes no sense to me.

Colombia’s colonial towns are indeed pleasant to visit, but the genuine interest lies in the atmosphere. And, you won’t get it by flying 30 seconds around like a hummingbird.

  • There are always some cool activities to do around.
  • Try all the restaurants and decide which one is your favorite
  • Stay in a lovely guesthouse and lay back for an afternoon
  • Grab a coffee on the main square and watch bystanders

#14 Barichara, ideal for planning extreme sports activities

Many travelers consider Barichara as one of the best places to visit in Colombia.

I’ve to admit that this colonial town is super lovely and pleasant. However, it’s a bit of a headache to get there.

Add this famous Colombia destination to your itinerary if you like extreme sports activities. There are excellent local travel agencies that offer fantastic experiences like rafting, cave exploring, paragliding, canyoning.

If you’re not interested in that, pick another village.

Barichara Lieux a visiter en Colombie

#15 Villa de Leyva, my favorite romantic getaway

Villa de Leyva is a town I like to visit again and again. It’s close to Bogota and there are all the conditions needed to enjoy a fantastic stay.

  • Delicious restaurants and lovely hotels
  • Many entertaining outdoor activities: bike, vineyard, hikes
  • Massages
  • Colombia sightseeings where you can stop on the way back
  • Cool nights which is perfect for sleeping well

Villa de Leyva is one of my best places to visit in Colombia.

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#16 Buenavista, the best view in Colombia

Buenavista is a little colonial town nestled up a hill in the coffee region. There are two excellent coffee tours and some delicious ice-creams.

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Buenavista zona Cafetera

#17 Filandia, an excellent alternative to Salento

Filandia is my favorite alternative to Salento and the atmosphere is much more authentic there. Moreover, there are some really good restaurants and cafés – Helena Dentro & Cultivar.

From Filandia, you can easily organize a trip to Valle de Cocora or an expedition to listen to howler monkeys in the Barbas Bremen nature reserve.

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#18 Salento, the departure point to Valle de Cocora

Like Cartagena & Palomino, Salento is always listed in every “where to travel in Colombia” article. Nowadays, the colonial is so famous than most of the locals have run away.

There are some excellent accommodation options and the main square is the official departure to Valle de Cocora, where you can find the tallest wax palm trees in the world.

It’s also a good option if you want to get a more in-depth explanation about coffee.

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Salento and Valle de Cocora

#19 Salamina, another secret alternative to Valle de Cocora

Salamina is a lovely colonial town, with colorful streets and carved wooden balconies.

The main Colombia highlight nearby is Valle de Samaria, another valley where you can observe the tallest wax palm trees in the world. It’s a great alternative to Valle de Cocora, and there is nobody!

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Salamina coffee region Colombia

#20 Jardin, a town for drinking coffee and chasing waterfalls

While Jardin starts being famous among travelers, it’s still not invaded by foreigners.

I recommend Jardin to people who like hiking and waterfalls. There are many day-trips you can organize with excellent local agencies.

Moreover, we discovered a couple of beautiful hotels and mouth-watering restaurants.

I love visiting this Colombian town.

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#21 Jerico, a religious town made up of churches and coffee farms

Jerico is nestled on the top of a green hill and offers some beautiful sceneries to visitors. Like Jardin, Jerico is situated in Antioquia – one of my most beautiful Colombia departments. I like to include both towns in the same itinerary as you can move from one to the other thanks to a Chiva – a large and colorful bus typical from there.

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Jerico Antioquia best places to visit in Colombia

#22 Guatape, get to the top of a giant monolith

Guatape is the most famous day trip from Medellin. Let’s see why:

  • It’s easy to get there from Medellin by bus
  • You don’t need a guide
  • The view from El Peñol – a giant monolith nearby – is breathtaking
  • The colonial town is cute

Even if it’s straightforward to get to Guatape, you will still spend at least 4h on a bus (round trip). Therefore, I recommend staying 1 night in Guatape or heading to San Rafael and San Carlos.

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Towns surrounded by lush vegetation to visit in Colombia

Best places to go to Colombia

Colombia is not only made up of beaches, cute colonial towns, and big cities. Actually, an important part of the country is covered by thick green plants AKA jungle.

You can let your machete at home, but don’t forget your repellent.

#23 Minca, a town to visit in the middle of the Sierra Nevada

If you want to travel on the Caribbean Coast, then it’s interesting to stop a couple of days in Minca to take a break from the beaches. It’s straightforward to get there from Santa Marta.

It’s a well-known place to do some birdwatching and relax a few days in an Eco-lodge. The town itself doesn’t offer any interest. The best Colombia sightseeing is the 2-day hike to Cerro Kennedy.

Avoid the weekends as many Colombians like to get to the Pozo Azul -natural pools- and the Marinka waterfalls.

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#24 Paso del Mango, an excellent alternative to Minca

You won’t find many “Best places to visit in Colombia” articles mentioning Paso del Mango. It’s because only a few people know about this place.

Paso del Mango is an alternative to Minca. It’s a bit more complicated to get there, but it’s worth it as you won’t meet many other foreigners. There is an excellent hostel that offers various activities and an excellent setting.

There is a “secret” 5h hike between Minca and Paso del Mango in case you would like to visit both ;).

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Paso del Mango best places to visit in Colombia

#25 Mocoa, A city at the border with the Amazon

Mocoa was half shattered by a terrible mudslide a few years ago, and the city is not appealing at all.

Pick your accommodation nearby the departure of the trail “Cascada fin del Mundo”. There is a bunch of superb waterfalls and the area is excellent for birdwatching.

The zone is super humid. Your clothes won’t dry.


#26 Leticia, the only access to the Amazon

If you want to visit the Amazon in Colombia, you must pass by Leticia. The city is vast and loud, but it’s interesting to move around as you can eat your breakfast in Colombia, have lunch in Brazil and dinner in Peru.

Most of the multi-day tours with a local agency will start from Leticia. Also, don’t hesitate to pick an eco-lodge distant from the city to immerse yourself in the wild.

There are two seasons in the Amazon:

  • December to May: the water level increases
  • June to November: the water level decreases

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Leticia best places to visit in Colombia

#27 Puerto Nariño, the green lungs of the Amazon

Although Leticia can be “fun” for a couple of hours, it’s far from being the best place to visit in Colombia to embrace nature.

Take the public boat to head to Puerto Nariño, an eco-friendly town where motor vehicles are forbidden. From there, you can plan different activities to observe wildlife and visit various cultural centers.

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Puerto Nariño (1)

Best islands to visit in Colombia

What to see in Colombia

We can’t create a list of the best places to visit in Colombia without mentioning some paradise islands.

#28 Archipelago de Rosario, visit the Caribbean islands near Cartagena

Beaches in Cartagena aren’t appealing at all. Fortunately, visitors can easily travel to the Rosario islands from the Walled City. I don’t recommend picking the day-trip tours selling by the hotels & street vendors. There are too many people and not enough time on the islands. The best option is to stay overnight.

Be aware that most of the Rosario Islands are invaded by tourists, especially during the high season.

  • Mamallena Shuttles to Playa Blanca
  • Public Boat to Isla Grande
  • Private transport to various upscale Eco-lodges/resorts.

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#29 Archipelago de San Bernardo, Caribbean islands in front of Rincon del Mar

The Archipelago of San Bernardo is made up of 10 paradise islands, and there are only 2 tiny portions considered as public beaches.

Crystal-blue water, white-sand beaches, and palm trees, the setting is mind-blowing.

Pick well your accommodation as you won’t be able to wander from one place to the other, as most parts of the islands are privatized. There is a hotel or hostel for every taste.

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San Bernardo islands

#30 Isla Fuerte, an island forgotten by travelers

Most travelers are not aware of Isla Fuerte as it’s a bit isolated from the other Colombia sightseeings.

Isla Fuerte is a good choice to relax for a few days and enjoy the island vibe. There is not much to do except hang out in a nice hotel and book their different activities: Scuba diving, paddle, rafting…

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#31 San Andres, A paradise island victim of mass tourism

We didn’t stop there, but from what I’ve heard, there are many hotel resorts and loud Colombians.

You should pick your accommodation nearby San Luis if you look for a better paradise island atmosphere.

There are still some excellent diving spots.

San Andres

#32 Providencia, the ideal paradise island

We chose not to stop in San Andres because we wanted to stay longer on Providencia. I assure you it’s one of the best places to visit in Colombia – if you’ve got the budget and the time for it.

You must take 2 flights to get there, so it’s not worth it to plan on staying 3 days.

I can’t imagine a better island life. Book a little guesthouse and rent a scooter to move from secluded beach to secluded beach. And don’t forget to book a scuba diving expedition and a snorkel tour to explore the mind-blowing submarine world around Providencia.

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Best places to plan exciting outdoor activities

Best places to visit in Colombia

Because of the Andean mountains, there are various places where you can get some adrenaline rush. It’s affordable and safe ;).

The most commons in Colombia are:

  • Canyoning
  • Rappelling
  • Zipline
  • Rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Cave exploring

Let’s find out the best places to visit in Colombia for practicing extreme sports activities.

#33 San Gil, a town with a solid reputation for outdoor activities

Santander was the first department to develop extreme sports activities in Colombia seriously.

Many travelers go to San Gil for this reason. Everyone can show up in the city and book the tours they want for the next day. The only inconvenience is that you spend many travel hours to get to San Gil.

Usually, people like to paragliding above the Chicamocha Canyon and rafting on the Suarez river – Rapid class 4/5.

#34 Tobia, visit a 3-h getaway from Bogota

The town of Tobia is not famous enough yet to be able to plan outdoor activities during the week.

However, many Colombians from Bogota get there on weekends. You can book some affordable all included packages (rafting + rappelling) or you can ask for something more specific.

We did some excellent canyoning tours in Tobia.

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Tobia Best places to Colombia

#35 Paicol, an off the beaten path colonial town

Paicol is a little colonial town not “far away” from the Tatacoa desert and Tierradentro.

It’s an ideal stop to plan a few outdoor activities with the top-notch local agency present in town.

As in Tobia, there are not many visitors during the week. Therefore, it can be complicated to organize a rafting trip if you’re not a group of 4.

In any case, cave exploring, biking, and rappelling trips are always doable.

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#36 Tamesis, a 4h getaway from Medellin

Tamesis is an excellent pick if you want to stay in a town that nobody knows, except a few aficionados. Moreover, the landscapes around Tamesis are mind-blowing.

It’s a great spot for rappelling.

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# 37 San Rafael, an ideal place to cool off

San Rafael is only 45 min from Guatape, but almost no travelers get there. It’s an excellent spot to swim in crystal-clear rivers.

Canyoning and tubing are the two main activities in San Rafael.

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San Rafael (1)

#38 San Carlos, a paradise for canyoning lovers

San Carlos is 1h away from San Rafael and there are some excellent spots for canyoning.

It’s the perfect place to visit in Colombia if you’re looking for a mix of adrenaline, peaceful colonial town and mighty waterfalls.

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San Carlos (1)

#39 Suesca, more than 400 rock climbing routes

If you like playing Spider-pig, then you will love Suesca. Roca de Suesca is a large cliff at a 15 min walk from town. There, more than 400 routes are equipped so you can practice your climbing skills.

There are also qualified local agencies where you can rent pieces of equipment or take some lessons.

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Best Deserts to visit in Colombia

Déserts Carte de la Colombie

Best places to visit in Colombia

There are 2 deserts in Colombia. You won’t find dunes on hundred of miles, but it’s worth a visit.

Let’s have a look at the best places to visit in Colombia for kissing a cactus.

#40 La Guajira desert, visit the northernmost point of South America

La Guajira is quite a vast desert starting from Riohacha to the Venezuelan border. There are different Colombia sightseeings you can include in a tour, the 3 main ones being:

  • Cabo de la Vela
  • Punta Gallinas
  • The national park Macuira

Except for Cabo de la Vela, you need to book a tour to explore it and you will spend many hours in the jeep.

A trip to La Guajira is also an opportunity to share with the Indigenous Wayuu and live in a Rancheria (farm).

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LA Guajira

#41 Tatacoa desert, a place to observe the starry sky

Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with the Tatacoa desert. The most photogenic section – Cuzco – is quite small, and a couple of hours is enough to visit it.

We heard it was fun to sleep in the desert, but most of the hotels are illegals as it’s forbidden to build constructions within the park. So, we didn’t do it and stayed in Villavieja instead.

Nevertheless, it can be a nice day trip if you pass nearby.

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Tatacoa desert

Best archaeological sites to visit in Colombia

Site Archéologiques Carte de la Colombie

Best places to visit in Colombia

Colombia isn’t like Peru, Guatemala or Mexico. You won’t find sumptuous pyramids or other mysterious constructions.

However, Colombians found many gold artifacts and proof of old civilizations, especially two crucial necropolis sites in the South of Colombia, both declared UNESCO world heritage sites.

Lots of concrete explanations are still missing.

#42 Tierradentro, visit a necropolis made up of deep underground tombs

Tens of underground vaults (5-7m deep) have been discovered in Tierradentro. You can freely move from site to site with a local guide – (Spanish only).

My favorite spot was “El Aguacate” as the view was breathtaking.

It’s a bit of a headache to get there, a mode of private transport isn’t a bad idea ;).

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#43 San Agustin, a place with more than 500 giant stone statues

San Agustin is famous for its various archeological sites where you can contemplate massive stone statues of 4-5m high.

There are many lovely accommodations outside the city, and the landscape is quite lovely. Horse riding is an entertaining way to move from one site to the other.

Don’t plan only to stay 1 night as you can book many other fun experiences like rafting, birdwatching, zipline, and various cultural tours.

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San agustin

Hidden gems recently open to the public

Best places to visit in Colombia

20 years ago, Colombia was really messed up because of the Guerillas and Narcotraficants. While there are still presents in some remote areas in the country, the situation has improved a LOT.

In 2016, the most prominent rebel armed group, the FARC, signed a peace agreement with the government.

Today, various incredible new-safe places start receiving tourists.

#44 La Macarena, contemplate the rainbow river

The easiest way to reach la Macarena is to take a charter with a local travel agency. They will take care of everything, from transportation to the park entrances. Moreover, if you pick the right local agency, it’s almost the same price as if you do it by yourself.

Caño Cristales is a world-famous 5-colors river you can sight from mid-June to November when the national park is open to the public. All the tours leave from La Macarena.

It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Colombia.

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#45 San Jose del Guaviare, our favorite off the beaten path destination

If you’re looking for a unique Colombian experience, then San Jose del Guaviare is a perfect pick.

It’s an authentic town with local farmers coming every weekend to sell their products. There are top-notch Colombia sightseeings scattered all around like rock paintings, waterfalls, colorful rivers, natural pools, birdwatching, dolphins…

You can’t move around without a means of private transportation. The easiest way is to book an all-included package – and the prices can be super interesting.

We loved visiting San Jose del Guaviare in Colombia.

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San Jose del Guaviare

The national parks to visit in Colombia

Best places to visit in Colombia

There are 58 protected areas in Colombia, and you can visit 29 of them. Local agencies organize day trips or multi-day hikes to explore the Paramos, contemplate beautiful rivers and so on.

We will write a more in-depth post next time, but here is a list to give you some leads:

  • Tayrona: It’s a beautiful park on the Caribbean coast. No guide mandatory.
  • Los Nevados: It’s a vast protected area with snow peaks, paramos, and the famous Valle de Cocora. Many multi-day trips. Guides are not mandatory, but I recommend taking one.
  • Purace: It’s a reserve and a volcano near Popayan.
  • Cocuy: There are 3 beautiful hikes, but you can’t sleep within the park. Guides are mandatory.
  • The Ciudad Perdida: A 4-day trek in the Sierra Nevada. A guide is mandatory.

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Read more: Our Popayan travel guide.

Best places to visit in Colombia on a MAP

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Best places to visit in Colombia


Best places to visit in Colombia

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