26 Best Things to Do in Jardín, Colombia: Find the Perfect Tours

You probably didn’t plan enough days in this cool colonial town of Antioquia.

Wanna know why?

It’s because there are tons of things to do in Jardín. And some are complicated to find on the internet.

I spent 1 week in 2019 and another week in 2021, and I’m now ready to help you find the best tours and plan a fantastic stay.

No more mistakes. It’s time to make the right decisions.

Thanks to this article, you will be able to:

  • Quickly find the experiences that interest you.
  • Decide how long you want to stay.
  • Contact directly the local partners we recommend based on our experience – by the way, here you’ll find all our favorite activities in Colombia.

Who are we 👋

Since 2015, Adrien, Alejandra, and I (Tom) have been helping travelers explore Colombia. Here, you will find everything you need to fall in love with this beautiful country easily.

Best things to enjoy the town of Jardín in Colombia

Jardín is considered one of the best destinations in Colombia. It is not for nothing that it is part of the list of 17 heritage villages of the country.

So you should take the time to enjoy it. I have a list of small cafes, bars, and restaurants to recommend.

Ready to visit Jardín?

1# Hang out in the best cafes in Jardín

Coffee Macanas
Credit: Claire

Jardín is a village whose economic activity comes primarily from coffee farming. In general, the best coffee beans are reserved for export. Fortunately, mentalities are changing little by little in Colombia. In recent years, it has been possible to find excellent coffee in the country, and many producers are creating their brand.

Here are my favorite cafes in Jardín:

  • Cafe Macanas: This café is located on the main square next to the Immaculate Conception Basilica.
  • Cafe Cuchillas: This is the perfect place if you want to have a good coffee in the main square of Jardín. There are even umbrellas to protect you from the sun or the rain. If you are hungry, you can order one of their salted pastries. They are excellent.
  • Cafe de Los Andes: From their terrace, you have a nice view of the main square. They offer different coffee preparations, and it’s very affordable.

Do you want to know more about coffee? I invite you to discover our local partner in Jardín!

2# Eat at the best Jardín’s restaurants

Breakfast in Macanas
Breakfast in Macanas

Jardín is a tourist destination, with a wide selection of good restaurants.

Let’s start with breakfast.

  • Cafe Macanas is well-known to serve delicious and massive breakfasts. I did not have lunch afterward.
  • Doña Hilda cooks good typical dishes with Arepa, rice, eggs, beans.

When it’s time for lunch, I like to order the Menu del día (Menu of the day). It’s tasty and economical.

  • Doña Hilda
  • Momentos de Jardín
  • Gloria

Then come dinner.

If you are tired of eating the same thing in Colombia, this is your chance to vary your diet.

  • Bella Pizza: They only open in the evening. For me, they are among the best pizza in Colombia.
  • Cafe Europa: Located in the main square of Jardín, they also make pizzas. The romantic atmosphere is nice, but I prefer the pizzas of Bella Pizza.
  • Óleo Bistró: Excellent gourmet restaurant. It belongs to casa Passiflora hotel boutique.
  • Bon appetit: Asian specialty. It’s good but a bit expensive for what it is.
  • Jardin de Jardín: These lads have a cool concept. This plant nursery also doubles as a restaurant. They serve good vegetarian food— I’m a fan of their burger. And I heard that the avocado dessert is a killer.

3# Get a dessert and take fantastic pictures

Lovely picture in Cafe Macanas
Macanas Cafe
Door in Cafe Macanas
Macanas Cafe

In Jardín, some facades have lots of colorful flower pots hanging on the walls. I think it’s a great idea.

You can take incredible pictures in two places in particular:

  • Cafe Macanas
  • Dulces del Jardín

Don’t forget to taste the different homemade jams of Dulces del Jardín. There is something for everyone!

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4# Visit the main square and the Basilica Immaculada Concepcion

Main Square Jardín
Main square
Basilica Immaculada Concepcion Jardín (1)
Basilica Immaculada Concepcion

Antioquia is a very religious department. In each town, you will find a large main square and an impressive church.

Jardín is no exception to the rule.

The Basilica Immaculada Concepcion is a neo-gothic church built-in 1949.

Also, I like to wander in Jardín’s main square. There are many colorful chairs, food stands, and beautiful trees (including the famous yellow Guayacane).

Easy things to do nearby Jardín, Colombia

Now that you know where to eat and drink in Jardín, it’s time to get active.

For now, let’s focus on the simple things to do without the help of a local agency.

5# Hike to the Cristo Rey from Jardín

The view from the mirador Cristo Rey Jardín (1)
View from Cristo Rey

From this mirador, you will have a breathtaking view of Jardín. There, you will also find a restaurant that makes good grilled meats and patacones.

There are 3 options to get to the Cristo Rey:

  • Leave from Calle 11 con Carrera 2, and follow an inclined path. It could be pretty muddy if it rained recently. It takes 1 hour.
  • Follow the Salada trail and turn left (if you turn right, you’ll go to Cascada La Escalera). It’s easier but longer. Count 1h30.
  • If you’re tired, you can take a tuk-tuk. It costs around 15 000 COP.

6# Take a break in Café Jardín

Vista desde Cafe Jardin
View from Cafe Jardín

Café Jardín is located at 1km from Cristo Rey. It would be a pity not to stop to order a coffee and enjoy the view of the Jardín. Viviana also advised me to try their gulupa milkshake.

Once the caffeine is flowing through your veins, you can visit Gulupa Ecolodge. It’s a 5-minute walk from Café Jardín.

7# Climb up the trees with Gulupa Ecolodge

Hammocks Gulupa Ecolodge (1)

In addition to offering 2 comfortable rooms, Gulupa Ecolodge organizes an experience over 20m high in the trees. It consists of 2 footbridges and 3 platforms. On the last one, the guide will install hammocks (always more than 20m from the ground) and will serve you a cold drink. It is also possible to organize a picnic!

Of course, the view is stunning.

It’s a fun thing to do in Jardín. You must book it in advance.

8# Eat at the Trout Farm la Argelia

Restaurante La Argelia (1)
Restaurante La Argelia

In Jardín, there is a famous trail named La Salada. You can reach the Cristo Rey (on the left) or La Escalera waterfall (on the right) if you follow it.

On the way (about a 20-minute walk from Jardín), you can have lunch at the La Argelia. They serve trouts with a delicious sauce, la Molienda.

If you like, you can decide to fish your lunch. It’s an exciting thing to do in Jardín if you have kids.

Insider tip: From La Argelia, there is another cobblestone path that you can take to directly reach Cafe Jardín. It’s a 20-min walk.

9# Take the flowery path of the Herrera

River next to Charco Corazón Jardín

The Herrera is a pleasant cobbled path of about 100 meters, with lots of colorful flowers, located here. You will then come to a dirt road that leads to La Cascada del Amor and Charco Corazón.

It’s a twenty-minute walk.

Then, if you’re not tired, you should cross the bridge and follow the road to the cable car La Garrucha.

10# The cable car La Garrucha

La Garrucha Jardin (
La Garrucha

La Garrucha is a small cable car that works from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm-6:00 pm.

You can take it from Jardín (Calle 12 con Carrera 10) and/or to Jardín, coming from Charco Corazón (see previous point).

I prefer to take it on the way down to Jardín. You have a beautiful view of the village and the surrounding nature, including banana and coffee plantations.

11# Observe the rare and famous Andean Cock of the rock

Andean Cock of the rock Jardin (1)
Andean Cock-of-the-rock

The Andean Cock of the rock, better known as Rupícola Peruvian, has a rather unusual physique. Judge it by yourself.

The Cock of the rock is not easy to observe in its natural habitat. Except for Jardín in Colombia.

At the end of each day (from 4 to 6 pm), you can come and observe these birds at the Parque Natural Jardín de Las Rocas. There is an entrance fee (approx. 10,000 COP).

Best tours to book in Jardín, Colombia

During my visits to Jardín, I discovered many great activities that few travelers take the time to do.

Most of them only go to the Cueva del Esplendor.

12# The famous waterfall Cueva del Esplendor

Cueva del Esplandor Jardín
Cueva del Esplandor

It is the most famous tourist site in Jardín.

Because of erosion, a powerful waterfall passes through a rocky ceiling. The spectacle is magnificent, especially when illuminated by the sun’s rays.

Some travelers decide to walk to the entrance of the property from Jardín. It takes at least 3 hours to get there.

To save time, I recommend you to go by jeep with an agency. That way, you can schedule another activity for the afternoon.

Tours leave daily around 9 am with this agency.

After a 40-min drive, you’ll reach the farm that runs this tourist site — Cueva del Esplendor belongs to an individual.

Then you have to go down a path for about fifteen minutes before reaching the Cueva del Esplendor.

There are so many visitors that you are only allowed to stay for 30 minutes. Good luck to take nice pictures 😀

It’s a cool thing to do in Jardín, but it’s far from being my favorite.

13# The beautiful hike Las 7 Cascadas

Salto del Angel Jardín

It’s a 7-hour hike that allows you to appreciate the rich biodiversity that surrounds Jardín.

After 25 minutes by jeep, follow small paths in the Andean forest to discover beautiful canyons and waterfalls little known by the general public. Be cautious, there are steep and slippery sections.

It’s my favorite Jardín hike, but it can become quite challenging during the rainy season. Only experienced hikers should book this activity.

During this tour, you’ll see 2 well-known Jardín sites:

  • El Salto del Angel
  • La Cueva de los Guacharos

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

14# An exciting 2-day trek to Támesis

Jardin de Aventura hike (1)

This is an excellent option if you want to plan a trip full of adventure. Follow a path that dates back to colonization, cross a natural reserve, refresh yourself in the streams, explore caves, and admire the landscape from numerous viewpoints.

This experience is only for the braves. On the first day alone, you will have to get up at 4:30 am and walk 21km.

The agency can bring your bags to Támesis or drive you back to Jardín.

I hope I will do it next time I visit Jardín!

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

15# Horseback riding to Chorro Blanco

Waterfall Chorro Blanco Jardín
Horseback ride Chorro Blanco Jardín

Chorro Blanco is one of my favorite experiences in Jardín. After a short jeep ride (15 minutes), you will meet William, a lovely character fond of these horses.

William has a calm way of explaining things. You can feel that he loves his work.

On the back of your trusty horse, you will pass along narrow paths to admire the lush nature around Jardín. This trail, used for many years by muleteers, leads to a farmhouse built near Chorro Blanco.

At this farm, you will receive a meal contained in banana leaves and a cold drink.

Then it will be time to explore and get closer to Chorro Blanco on foot.

You will love this part of the tour.

To reach the waterfall, William will make you pass through a tunnel of 20m long, between the rock and the roots of trees. Nobody knows who dug it.

The tunnel opens behind the waterfall. It is amazing.

On the way back, you will go through another road. This allows you to make a loop and enjoy other mountainous landscapes of Antioquia.

This activity lasts 7 hours, including 3.5 hours on horseback and 45 minutes of walking. The path can be scary for beginners. I recommend this tour for travelers who are used to riding horses.

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

16# More horseback riding in Jardín, Colombia

Horseback riding Jardín

For some activities, our local partner in Jardín offers travelers the opportunity to go on horseback. It’s a great way to enjoy the landscapes without getting too tired. It will be even more fun if it’s your first time!

Remember to take pants (to avoid friction) and a cap.

The tours you can do on horseback are:

  • La Herrera Serannía | 2-3h
  • La Salada | 3-4h
  • Coffee tour + horseback riding: 5h
  • Bee Tour + Horseback Riding: 5h

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

17# Best Coffee tours in Jardín, Colombia

Colombia is known worldwide for the quality of the coffee it exports every year.

This is due to several factors:

  • The beans are harvested by hand and then sorted to remove impurities.
  • They cultivate Arabica coffee (tastier than Robusta).
  • Its geographical position offers optimal climatic conditions.

You can’t plan a trip to Colombia without including a visit to a coffee plantation. It’s forbidden! 😀

If you want to organize it yourself, I suggest you contact Finca Los Angeles. The owners are very kind, and you will participate with them in the different stages of the coffee harvest.

Alternatively, you can also trust our local partner. They organize an excellent coffee tour on a local farm in English.

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

18# First steps in coffee tasting

Coffee tasting in Jardín

As with wine, it is not easy to express the flavors one perceives in a good cup of coffee. You have to use a specific vocabulary and train your taste buds.

Through this 4-hour experience, Viviana and Alejandro give travelers the basics to better understand the flavors present in coffee.

They have both passed their barista certifications.

Get ready to smell and taste over 20 different flavors, all with your eyes closed.

Then you can choose 2 coffee methods, such as mocha, french press, Chemex, V60, and AeroPress. Alejandro will tell you his little secrets to use them in the right way.

This experience takes place in their home, in a friendly environment.

Alejandro and Viviana put into practice their knowledge to develop their coffee brand. Their farm is not open to the public at the moment. However, they do organize tours to coffee farms near Jardín.

19# Stay on an upscale coffee farm near Jardín

A few years ago, Dave and Maria Jose bought an abandoned farm and rebuilt it.

On this beautiful property, located 15 minutes from Jardín, lives Daniel and his Colombian family. They are in charge of taking care of the banana and coffee plantations and any guests.

I stayed there 1 night and loved it.

On-site, you will be able to discover the daily life of this lovely family, learn a lot about coffee and travel around in a beautiful old jeep.

👉 Read in this article our experience in this coffee farm in Jardín.

20# Canyoning in the waterfall La Escalera

Canyoning Jardin (1)

La Escalera is a big waterfall divided into 18 smaller waterfalls.

And, it is possible to rappel down part of it!

Canyoning is one of the most fun experiences you can have while traveling. It allows you to go to inaccessible places and to experience the thrill of canyoning in complete safety.

We have done it all over Colombia, and the canyoning of La Escalera is ideal to discover this activity.

Our local partner has all the necessary equipment, and the guides are excellent teachers. You will receive good instruction before the beginning of your canyoning (in English or Spanish).

You can decide to go down 2 or 5 waterfalls.

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

21# Paragliding in Jardín, Colombia

Paragliding Jardin

The local agency will drive to the paragliding center near Andes (40 min by jeep). The flight lasts 10 to 20 min (according to the winds).

The only problem is that you will still have to pay for transportation (20,000 COP) if the agency cancels due to weather conditions.

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

22# Jeep tour to visit Jardin, Colombia

Our coffee farm’s jeep

It’s the ideal thing to do in Jardín if you have difficulty getting around. Choose your route and discover the surroundings. In addition, you will have a guide who will tell you many stories about Jardín.

These jeep tours last between 3 and 6 hours.

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

23# Beekeeping in Jardín, Colombia

Visit a farm that produces honey! This family, passionate about flowers and bees, will show you their beehives and beautiful flower gardens. It is a very cool tour to do with children.

The tour lasts 3 hours.

You can combine it with a coffee tour and horseback ride.

👉 Like this experience? Learn about our local partner & book it through this page.

24# Birdwatching tours in Jardín, Colombia

Hummingbirds Valle de Cocora Salento

In addition to the Andean cock of the rock, there are local agencies that offer birdwatching tours.

  • Claudia and her team can drive you to the reserve LORO OREJIAMARILLO. Every evening, these parrots come to sleep in the few palm trees of the nature reserve.
  • Or book with them a tour to the Reserva Orchideas. It’s a famous place to observe many colorful hummingbirds.

And if you are looking for a complete birdwatching tour in Jardín, I recommend the agency of Viviana and Alejandro.

They can organize a custom tour of several days to observe the different species of birds of your choice (among those present in the area).

Find out which bird species you can find in Jardín thanks to the apps eBird or Merlin bird.

25# Learn Spanish in Jardín with Hablea

Alejandra is a friendly Colombian who lived many years in France. Back in Colombia, she fell in love with Jardín and set up her language school there.

She speaks perfectly Spanish, English and French.

The rates are affordable, and Alejandra offers a free 20-minute class (online) to explain how she works.

You will have the opportunity to explore Jardín with her and other travelers interested in learning Spanish. Pretty cool, right?

👉 Learn more about Hablea here.

26# Relaxing massage in Jardín, Colombia

Hotel Plantacion
Credit: Plantación

It will be the perfect option after a long day of hiking. Prices are very affordable — from 100.000 COP for 1 hour. Hotel Plantación is a 10-min walk from the main square.

Stay in the best Jardín accommodation

Our favorite cabin in Jardín (1)
Our romantic cabin in Jardín

Yes, you can stay several days in Jardín without getting bored for a second.

Therefore, it is essential to find a place where you feel comfortable and fit your desires.

We found several cozy and affordable (or not) hotels in Jardín:

Best ways to visit Jardín: Bottom line

Jardín is a pleasant village that deserves to be appreciated and visited slowly. If you come to Jardín, you should at least consider staying 3 nights.

You’ll find activities for all tastes, from jeep rides to coffee tours, canyoning, and 2-day treks.

For adventure experiences, I recommend Claudia’s agency. For cultural experiences, you will be in good hands with Viviana and Alejandro.

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