How to Stay in an Upscale Coffee Farm in Jardin: My Experience

How to Stay in an Upscale Coffee Farm in Jardin: My Experience

Are you planning to stay in Jardín, Antioquia, for a bit?

If you are tired of sleeping in hotels and want a typical Colombian experience, I have something that might interest you.

I’ve just discovered an upscale coffee farm in Jardín that you can rent for an affordable price. 

It’s where I’m right now. 

It’s 6:20 in the morning. The birds are singing, and my faithful morning companion – my cup of coffee – is telling me that I’m going to have a good time.

Come with me to discover it.

Stay on a coffee farm in Jardín

  • Modern and comfortable house with 2 bedrooms.
  • A magnificent view of the valley and the coffee fields from your bed.
  • You stay next to a lovely coffee-growing family, and you can book a coffee tour with them.

👉 Maria will help you organize your stay in Jardín. Ask about their coffee farm.

Our stay in a coffee farm in Jardín

Hey Daniel, could you pick us up at the restaurant near El Santo? I asked.

Sure, no hay problema.

This is the third time I have changed the schedule in less than 24 hours, and it doesn’t bother Daniel.

Wait a minute.

You probably don’t know who Daniel is.

A friendly Colombian family is in charge of this propriety

Daniel is a smiling guy who lives with his family 50m away from the main house— where guests stay.

His dad helped Dave and Maria José to buy an unoccupied land and build a beautiful Finca with bananas, plantains, coffee, and orange trees.

After working more than 10 years as a truck driver in El Valle, Daniel returned to his coffee-growing roots and came back to Jardín and his farm with his wife and little daughter Maria Angel.

They welcome new guests, help them out whenever they need and manage the coffee plantation. 

Benefit: You will stay close to a Colombian family. If you have any questions or concerns, just knock on the door or send a WhatsApp.

Now that you know who Daniel is, let’s continue our adventure.

We drove to the coffee farm in a 70+ year old jeep

I jump into the back of a shiny green 1954 jeep and hold on to the iron structure that maintains the canvas roof.

Just then, it starts to rain again. A few drops wet my left thigh while I watch the landscape pass under my eyes.

I see farms, bananas plantations, and coffee fields. Then the scenery switches to mountains and cliffs covered with luxuriant vegetation. 

I always feel like Indiana Jones when I sit in an old jeep. Do you know what I mean?

After a fun 20-min drive, we cross the beautiful colored gate of our coffee farm in Jardín.

Benefit: You can come to the Finca by tuk-tuk, Chiva, cab, car, or ask Daniel to pick you up in his jeep. 

👉 Maria will help you organize your stay in Jardín. Ask about their coffee farm.

A stylish and comfortable coffee farm in Jardín just for us

In front of me stands the Finca proudly.

By the way, do you know what a Finca is?

A Finca is a large house in the countryside. Some have crops and are inhabited all year round. Others are used as secondary housing. Colombians love to rent them for the weekend, with family or friends, to escape the city. 

In today’s adventure, coffee and banana plants surround our place.

The front door leads to the living room/kitchen. The ceiling height is impressive – about 5m. On the opposite wall, a large glass door lets in natural light. Rays of sunlight illuminate the light wood furniture, which contrasts with the red ochre of the floor.

On both sides, a door leads to a bedroom, each with its private bathroom. Mattresses are so comfortable that it will be a mental battle to get out in the morning.

On the terrace, six wooden deck chairs allow us to admire the landscape. A red tile roof, supported by pillars, extends more than 1.5 meters to protect visitors from the sun and rain.  

It’s time to uncork the bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset.

Benefit: The Finca is new and well equipped. The bedding is excellent, the internet signal is sufficient to work online, and you have everything you need to cook tasty meals.

Let’s discover the daily life of a coffee farm in Jardín

*Next morning.

After a good breakfast, we are in the coffee fields with Daniel— It’s only 15m from my bed. 

Here, the coffee plants are young. They are 3 years old and in great health. Last year the harvest was excellent. But this year, it rains too much. The flowering is less, and we will have less coffee. That’s why we don’t need too much shade from the trees.

Daniel tells us his story and experience as a coffee grower as he fills his wicker basket with dark red coffee beans.

I try to keep up with him, filling my basket. It’s a lost cause. Daniel wins.

On this coffee farm, the fruit is harvested, pulped, washed, and dried. For each stage, we discover the tools, as well as the problems and solutions.

More than 400 families in Jardín live from the coffee culture. Most of them take it to the cooperative and sell it for a meager price. All the beans are blended (no matter the quality) and then exported.

If you like a good cup of coffee, with its subtle and varied aromas, you should turn to so-called specialty coffees. 

For the latter, the process is much more thorough. The coffee grower carefully selects the best beans, subcontracts the roasting (or does it himself), and does not mix it with other coffee farms!

In our case, Daniel keeps its best beans for the coffee farm’s brand.

Benefit: You can easily share the daily life of a coffee-growing family. The coffee tour is done on the property, and Daniel takes all the time necessary to explain all the stages.

It’s almost 12:30. Daniel invites us to his house to drink an aguapanela and one last coffee.

I have to go back to Jardín and try to discover other extraordinary places.

But first… I put on my Indiana Jones costume again. Dear 1954-jeep, here I am!

👉 Maria will help you organize your stay in Jardín. Ask about their coffee farm.

Helpful data on this coffee farm in Jardín

Like me, did you also fall in love with our stay at this Jardín’s coffee farm?

Let me give you a few more details so that you can safely decide if you should come or not.

The coffee farm is located 15 mins by car from Jardín

Coffee Farm Jardin

The villages of Colombia are often noisy, and the soundproofing of the hotels is almost non-existent.

During our stay, only the sounds of birds and the light of the day woke us up.

However, the distance can be a disadvantage for travelers who do not have a car. 

Fortunately, there are many transportation options to reach Jardín:

  • Daniel can pick you up by jeep (if he is not too busy in the fields). Transportation on the day of arrival and departure to reach the Finca from Jardin is included in your stay.
  • You can call a taxi or a tuk-tuk.
  • A Chiva (colorful and large local bus) passes 3 times in front of the coffee farm.

You can also ask Dave (the owner) to book you private transportation from Medellín!

It’s an immersive coffee experience

Other than Daniel’s friendly family, you won’t meet anyone else on the property. You will be able to walk through the coffee fields, watch them work, help them, and discover how a coffee-growing family lives.

Daniel and his family speak very little English. The same goes for the cab or tuk-tuk if you take it from Jardín to the coffee farm. It shouldn’t be too challenging, but it’s still something to consider before coming.

There is everything at your disposal to make an extended stay

The farm is well furnished. The internet speed is sufficient to work online. You also have a washing machine and a great kitchen.

Moreover, there is an advantageous rate for guests who stay 1 week or more.

It is possible to order breakfast or lunch. However, it is more complicated for dinner. You will have to do the shopping (or ask Daniel to help you) and cook in the evening.

You can organize activities from the coffee farm

Yep, you don’t need to go back to Jardín to book an activity.

On the property, there is a path that leads to a river and a waterfall. It is free and refreshing. Don’t hesitate.

Then you can book a coffee tour with Daniel. There is no schedule. You decide the length of the tour based on your questions and curiosity (and your level of Spanish). Besides, the price is VERY affordable.

Then there are the activities outside the coffee farm. You can decide to take a ride in the beautiful jeep and enjoy the many landscapes of Antioquia. Or stretch your legs and take a hike with a bilingual guide. It’s up to you!

👉 Maria will help you organize your stay in Jardín. Ask about their coffee farm.

Our stay in a coffee farm in Jardín: The bottom line

Colombia is famous for its coffee. If you want to discover this experience in the most beautiful way, then you should stay on this coffee farm in Jardín. 15 minutes from the village, this Finca has all the qualities to enjoy a peaceful and unforgettable stay.

This accommodation is in demand and rarely available. I advise you to contact Dave and Maria José now 😉

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