Providencia is a stunning paradise island, known to be an excellent diving spot in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. And quite frankly, Providencia is even more than that.

This island has got all the features to make your stay unforgettable:

  • Hotel resorts are forbidden. 
  • There is no mass tourism as it’s “complicated” to get there
  • You can rent a golf car or a scooter and move freely
  • Different secluded beaches
  • Lush vegetation
  • 3rd biggest coral reef in the world
  • Delicious Caribbean specialties


The island is divided into different neighborhoods, with different characteristics. Pick cautiously. 

  • Old town: The main town. It’s loud, and there is no beach. It’s the cheapest area.
  • Freshwater: Lovely area with a beautiful beach and a few shops and restaurants.
  • SouthWest bay: The trendy area. Large and beautiful beach with bars and restaurants.
  • Manzanillo: Beautiful white-sand beach. There are not many guesthouses nearby.
  • Smooth Water: Peaceful residential area. The view is beautiful. However, there is no beach. 
  • Maracaibo: Most of the upscale hotels are in this area. The view is stunning, but there is no beach.
  • Santa Catalina: A broken wooden bridge is the only access to get to this small island. There is a small secluded beach, and it’s also the quietest part of the island. Vehicles are forbidden.


To arrive in Providencia, you must enter in San Andres first – and pay a tax entrance of 112 000 COP,- then take another short flight. Buy your tickets in advance as places are limited.

Important: There is no ATM on Providencia. Withdraw all you need before arriving. 


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Where to stay in Providencia

There are various little districts spread on Providencia and one road that encircles the island. Rent a scooter or a golf car to move around. You can also pay for a moto-taxi, but it's not very practical. There is no beach on the Eastside of Providencia. Because it's far from everything, most of the hotels don't offer good value for money. Fortunately, we found some cool places.

  • El Encanto

    Freshwater Bay

    El Encanto

    The rooms are basic but clean. Helpful staff. 2 min on foot from the beach and restaurants.
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  • Miss Elma

    Freshwater Bay

    Miss Elma

    Private cabins with direct access to the beach. Delicious restaurant. Clean. Nice staff.
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  • Frenchy's

    Freshwater Bay


    Lovely and friendly owner who rents apartments. Great view. Great tips. Always clean.
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  • Miss Francia

    Santa Catalina

    Miss Francia

    Excellent value for money and warm-hearted owner. Delicious food. Great atmosphere.
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  • Sun. Paradise

    Santa Catalina

    Sun. Paradise

    Lovely and helpful owners. Excellent view and peaceful place. Rooms are spacious and clean.
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  • Maracaibo view


    Maracaibo view

    Modern and pleasant apartment. Stunning view. Great host. Excellent value for money.
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  • Deep Blue


    Deep Blue

    Luxury hotel and excellent customer services. Delicious food. Stunning views. Activities.
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  • M. del Viento


    M. del Viento

    Luxury house with top-notch personalized services. Mind-blowing spot. Delicious food.
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  • Airbnb



    Staying at a local's place is an excellent way to enjoy your stay in Providencia. Do it. ;)
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Things to do in Providencia

All tours in Providencia are pricey, except for diving. Most of the activities are water activities. You can fish, take a boat ride around the island, snorkeling, travel to a secluded atoll. A pleasant thing to do is to rent a scooter and move from places to places.

  • Lay back


    Lay back

    Best beaches are in Manzanillo, Freshwater, and Southwest. Order a cocktail and enjoy.
    Learn more
  • El Pico


    El Pico

    El Pico is the highest point on Providencia. 2h to get to the summit. Stunning views.
    We recommend
  • Santa Catalina


    Santa Catalina

    Santa Catalina is a lovely and peaceful neighborhood on the other side of the bridge.
    Learn more
  • Morgan's head


    Morgan's head

    Departure from Santa Catalina. 30 min walk to reach this beautiful viewpoint. Easy.
  • Boat tour

    Around the island

    Boat tour

    The island is beautiful from the ocean. Most tours include a stop at Crab Cay. 5 hours.
  • Crab Cay


    Crab Cay

    It's a rock that stands in the middle of the ocean. Mind-blowing view. Paid entrance.
    Learn more
  • Snorkeling tour

    Water Activity

    Snorkeling tour

    There are beautiful coral reefs around Providencia: Paradise, Marguerita, Morgan's head.
    We recommend
  • Diving

    Water Activity


    There are 7 dive centers in Providencia and it's affordable. There are exceptional spots.
    We recommend
  • Snorkeling

    Water activity


    Swim from Fort Bay beach to Morgan's head. It takes 30 min. Excellent snorkeling spot.
  • El Faro

    Boat trip

    El Faro

    A 2h30 boat ride to reach a beautiful atoll where you can dive, fish and cook on the sand.
  • Fishing

    Water activity


    Go fishing with locals and eat what you catch: Trolling and spearfishing.
    We recommend
  • Cotton tree


    Cotton tree

    Beautiful SPA on SouthWest beach. Different options and packages. Great massages.
    Learn more
  • Horse riding


    Horse riding

    Ask for Rodolfo and plan a 2h expedition from SouthWest to Manzanillo. Great views!
    We recommend
  • Kayak

    Water Activity


    Rent a Kayak for a couple of hours in front of the Deep blue and head to Crab Cay.

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