Why I Love This Cartagena Photography Tour (+ Cool Photo Tips)

You will love this Cartagena photography tour if you like to immortalize your travels with beautiful photos.

Imagine the grand colored colonial buildings of the historical center, the twisted streets of Getsemaní filled with magnificent street art, or the superb points of view to admire the sunset in the Caribbean Sea.

Do you visualize the scenes in your mind?

Thanks to Marina, a professional photographer, these scenes can become more than thoughts.

I had the chance to meet her during my last 45-day stay in Cartagena de Indias. With Aleja, we played the stars for 1.5 hours, and we loved it. It’s one of the most romantic things to do in the city.

Read on to discover our beautiful pictures. At the end of this post, you’ll also learn practical tips to improve your Cartagena’s pictures.

Cartagena photography tour: Overview

Cartagena photography Tour (1)
  • Price: 99 – 230 USD
  • Duration: 1 – 5 hours
  • Type: Private experience
  • Where: Cartagena
  • My opinion: A fun and romantic way to keep memories & photos for life.
  • Click here to contact her.

Cartagena photo tour in Colombia: My Experience

Cartagena Photography tour (1)

Tom, the best time to take pictures is at 6h45 am, says Marina.

I’m not surprised.

Cartagena is the most visited city in Colombia, and the walled city is the main attraction for tourists.

People are everywhere in the narrow alleys. And when you do a photo shooting, you don’t want to be next to Mr. I-do-a-strange-face.

Hence the early wake-up.

Cartagena Photography Tour Starts at 6h45 am

Cartagena Photography tour (1)
On our way to meet Marina.
Nobody in the streets!

The cab leaves us at the foot of the clock tower, at the old city entrance. All is calm. I only hear a few furtive sweeps in the Plaza de Los Coches. Not a single street vendor on the horizon!

Right now, the sun illuminates the steeples of the highest churches only. We walk through the deserted streets, phone in hand, to take some shots for Instagram.

I also use it to guide me.

With my underdeveloped sense of direction, I can never find my way around the alleys of Cartagena.

Marina gave us a rendez-vous at the Baluarte de Santiago the day before. You must have seen some pictures. There is a small iron bridge that joins two stone city walls.

Photo shooting on the beautiful city wall of Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena Photography tour

Around the street, I see Marina with her giant camera around her neck and her bandana on her head. She is ready.

Our goal is to have fun and stay natural for today’s session. Do you see that bridge? Go ahead and lean on the railing, she says with a smile.

I don’t know you, but I find it quite hard to be natural when a professional photographer aims at you with her camera.

Fortunately, Marina knows what she is doing.

The first photos are taken from a distance. I am not too embarrassed because, from the footbridge, Marina has the height of a playmobile. To lighten the atmosphere a little more, I whisper a lot of nonsense in Aleja’s ear. It relaxes me. It makes her laugh.

Ok, now you come to me dancing. Don’t forget to smile, asks Marina.

We do some salsa steps, and then I do some hand-clapping like a flamenco dancer. Aleja’s dress flies in the air. A real lady.

Little by little, I’m getting into the game. I don’t even notice the morning workers sipping their tinto —coffee—anymore.

Photo shooting among the colonial buildings

After 20 min, we move through the alleys of the historical center, whose colorful walls and colonial architecture offer many opportunities for a talented local photographer like Mariana.

Alejandra’s colorful dress offers a lovely contrast with Cartagena’s facades; Long green plants cascade down the balconies, between the carved wooden bars of the windows. 

Tom, put your hands in your pockets and show your watch. Aleja, you should bend your right leg. Now lean against the wall, advises Marina.

I listen to our local expert. I feel the first glimmer of sunlight in my eyes.

I am gaining confidence. I decide to do a remake of dirty dancing.

“Now I’ve had the time of my life. No, I’ve never felt like this before.”

He doesn’t work, but the photos are still excellent!

After our artistic acrobatics, we head to the Simón Bolivar park to sit in the shade of the trees.

We are now in the golden hour of photography, and Marina proposes to go to the Torre del Reloj. The sun now illuminates part of the plaza de Los Coches.

Marina uses her photography skills to capture the ideal moments, where complicit looks mingle with sincere smiles.

The 90-minute photo tour is coming to an end, but it’s not over for everyone. Marina still has to edit more than a hundred pictures and send them to us to relive our stay in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia.

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Why Booking This Photography Tour

Cartagena Photography tour (3)

Did you like my photography tour?

I imagine that you must still have some doubts or questions.

In this section, I will explain to you why I liked this photography tour.

1# Marina Is a Professional Photographer

We all like to think we have photography skills. But it’s rarely true. In addition to knowing how to create the photo frame (convergence lines, 1/3 & 2/3), you need to think about the ISO sensitivity, the aperture, and the shutter speed.

Most decide to use the automatic mode of our camera and the yellow grid pattern of the phone. I’m one of them! 🙋‍♂️

Did you know that light is essential in Cartagena?

During the tour, Marina knew precisely where to take our photos. And then she spends hours improving them on her computer.

Trust me. You’ll get beautiful Cartagena pictures.

2# You’ll Feel Less Shy

Unlike most Colombians, I am always a little embarrassed when posing for pictures.

During this photo tour, Marina will give some indications. She is passionate and patient. Listen to her, and you’ll have an excuse to be beautiful, to jump, or to do ridiculous poses.

You did it because she asked you!

Yep, this is psychology stuff. #weareallweird

You have to let yourself go to get the most out of this experience.

3# It’s a Perfect Experience for Couples, Families & Friends

Marina has had travelers who did their photo sessions alone.

But I guess it’s an even better experience with more people.

  • A group of friends coming to celebrate a bachelorette or bachelor party will be great if they all dressed the same!
  • Children are always the most natural in the pictures. Families will love to print them out and put them all over the walls of their house!
  • It is also an opportunity for lovers to act like actors in movies and look at these photos 30 years later.

4# Cartagena’s Old City is Tiny

The center of Cartagena offers many photo opportunities. And you won’t have to walk far. On our photography tour, we stopped every 20-40m.

5# Guys, a Photo Shooting Can Be Fun

I like to take photos.

I don’t like being in photos — especially if the photographer takes hours.

During this photo tour, time passed quickly. You get caught up in the game. The tremendous energy of Marina and the atmosphere of the city probably play a role.

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Photography Tours Offered by Marina

Cartagena photography Tour (7)

Marina offers different photo tours. Here are your options.

1# Professional photography session

This is the tour I did with Alejandra. The vast majority of Marina’s clients choose this experience.

You’ll walk around the colorful streets of the walled city, choosing the best places for your pictures.

Her photography is defined as Lifestyle, which means that, while she will guide you through poses and actions to create powerful, romantic, and fun pictures, she will aim to bring out the essence of you. Don’t hesitate to carry a second outfit!

She will deliver all the best selection of pictures in high-resolution JPGs, through a downloadable link that she will send to your email within 7 business days approximately (possibly earlier, depending on season demand).

  • Tour price: 230 USD per group of 1 to 5 people. Starting on a 6th participant, it’s +15 USD per person.
  • Start time: 6.45 am and 4 pm though I strongly recommend morning sessions due to better weather and emptier streets
  • Duration: 60 to 90 minutes
  • 👉 Contact Marina

2# In-city Photo Walk

Grab your phone or camera and plan a walking tour with Marina around Getsemaní and the Old City! She’ll show you the best places to take your memories of your visit to Cartagena, while she, as a professional photographer, provides you with tips and basic photography notions to help you improve your skills

  • Tour price: 99 USD per person
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • 👉 Contact Marina

3# La Boquilla and Old City Photo Walk

Same as the “In-City” photo walk, plus a stop at the San Felipe Fortress and a 20 minutes ride to the fishermen’s village of La Boquilla, where you will board a canoe for a trip around the swamp and inside the mangrove woods to photograph nature.

  • Tour price: 199 USD per person
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • 👉 Contact Marina

4# Life Events

Hire a professional photographer to capture the memories of your corporate or social events in Cartagena.

  • Price: 95 USD per hour

Pre-Book your photography tour now

Our mission is to help travelers book unique experiences with reliable local partners.

Easy steps to book your photography tour

  1. Use our online form below to contact Marina.
  2. Confirm prices and availability.
  3. Pay an online deposit (50%).
  4. Let’s go.

Easy peasy, no?

How to Improve Your Cartagena’s photos

Cartagena Photography tour (4)

I asked Marina to give a bunch of practical photo tips for my parceros. — yes, it’s you.


Here’s the holy grail.

  • The most important thing to take lovely portraits is the subject’s attitude. He must be comfortable. Smiling. Tell him not to overthink how to stand or move. Your job is to capture the essence of the person.
  • The old city of Cartagena is always busy. You want to have the alleys deserted when you take pictures. Be ready with your own camera at 6:30 am.
  • The walls of Getsemaní and the historical center are bright. Don’t hesitate to wear bright colors (colorful dresses are perfect!) to create beautiful contrasts!
  • Don’t hesitate to wander in San Diego. This part of the old city is usually quieter.
  • There are many photogenic locations in Cartagena de Indias. Here is a list of my favorite spots.
    • Calle de Los santos de piedra.
    • Calle 32.
    • Around Montmartre restaurant.
    • Calle del quero from the square Parque Fernandez de Madrid.
    • Getsemaní’s street art.
    • At sunset:
      • Terraza municipal.
      • Movitch Hotel’s rooftop.
      • La Popa.

Bottom line: Cartagena Photography tour

It’s easy to take pictures with our phones. However, it is challenging to take GOOD pictures. If you want to immortalize your beautiful moments with your loved ones in Cartagena, then don’t hesitate to ask Marina. She will take much better pictures than your selfies-stick 😉

Do you prefer to book online? You can find her on Viator.

Can’t miss: our exciting series on the best things to do in Cartagena. Read it to find out all our little exciting secrets.


I have been traveling around Colombia and Mexico since 2015 to discover new experiences and help travelers make the right choices.

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